Women of Medora: Joslyn Reichert


Originally published in Inspired Women Magazine.


Women of Medora features inspiring women who have made an impact on the world through their time living and working in Medora.


Joslyn Reichert, an Inspiring Woman

Life sometimes has a funny way of putting the right opportunity in front of you at just the right time.

Dickinson native Joslyn Reichert had built a career in the food and beverage industry, attending culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, holding various chef positions on the west coast, and then transitioning to food and beverage management roles at mountain resorts in Wyoming and Montana.

But six years ago, her parents had a chance grocery store encounter with Mike Beaudoin, who worked as the operations manager for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation in Medora.  He asked if Joslyn was looking to move closer to home, knowing she’d be an asset to the hospitality team in North Dakota’s top tourism destination.

“At the time North Dakota was booming, and I thought maybe it was the right time to come home to North Dakota and find something there,” recalls Joslyn.


A full-time opening in Medora’s Group and Event Sales office was the perfect fit for Joslyn.

“I thought that was awesome! I was just so excited to do something new.”


Joslyn was no stranger to working in Medora—she had been employed by the Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s Medora entrance during her college years. Now instead of simply greeting guests and helping them purchase national park passes, Joslyn was tasked with coordinating groups coming to Medora for family reunions, bus tours, major conventions, and weddings.

“On the second day I was on my own and I thought, ‘I just will figure it out.’ If someone called and had a question I didn’t know the answer to, I simply took a message, found the answer, and called them back. I don’t think I’ve ever been ready for a job that I’ve taken, but it has always worked out.”

On the transition back to working in Medora, Joslyn says, “I loved it. Being in North Dakota, I made so many connections because it’s such a small state. And you get to know a lot of the groups and companies that come back year after year for tours and conferences, which was so fun.”

Joslyn not only loved the job, but she loved the idea of working in Medora, where she had strong family ties. She’s part of the Tescher family, known for their deep rodeo roots in the Medora area. Her great uncle was even the mayor of Medora in 1939.

So, when she became engaged, and her fiance, TJ Tooz, was relocating his business in Bismarck, she was keen to find a way to continue working for a place she loved. For a while, she commuted back and forth, splitting her time between TRMF’s Bismarck and Medora offices.

Then last summer, after being with TRMF for six years, TRMF President Randy Hatzenbuhler approached Joslyn about moving to the development team, a transition Joslyn has loved.

“I love being a host; connecting people to Medora, making sure they have a good time, acting like a concierge of sorts for our donors and board members.”

Joslyn recognizes the ways she has grown during her years and roles in Medora.

“Personally, the management training over the years, and being on the leadership team has been invaluable. I’ve just gained so much work experience.”

And though she never dreamed she’d be working in a fundraising role, she finds it to be a natural fit.

“One thing I love about working in the development department is that I get to travel all across the state and hear different people’s Medora stories. It’s amazing how Medora touches people in different ways.”

“Maybe it’s working for a nonprofit, that I’m a little bit more humbled by my work. I feel like I’m doing good—not just doing my job, but doing a good thing for North Dakota.”

When asked what inspires her about her work in Medora, Joslyn explains, “Just watching the wonderful things people across the state do for Medora is really inspiring. I feel as happy as the people that are giving money do. How cool and what a great experience that I get to witness some of the wonderful things people do, not only themselves, but their entire families. Their legacies are really amazing.”   

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