Who Is Cowboy Lyle?

Cowboy Lyle:

He seems to be everywhere. You can find him walking down the streets of Medora, and it’s no rare sight to see him greeting guests at the Medora Musical, but who is Cowboy Lyle really?


No one seems to know where he is from or how long he has been here.


He, himself, is a man of few words–Rumor has it, that even the most seasoned members of the Medora community cannot remember ever having heard more than five words come out of Cowboy Lyle’s mouth.


He is a man surrounded by myth and legend in this town–not that he’d ever be heard confirming or denying anything.


But what has been found to be mistakenly true of the mysterious Cowboy Lyle, is that he can always be counted on to provide a smile and a high-five to the kids he meets. He is always around, quietly demonstrating in a way only he can, the pride he has for this County and his tiny town.


Meet Cowboy Lyle for yourself at the Medora Musical!
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  1. Laurie Buck
    June 17, 2017    

    I know where and when… = )

  2. Tammy Mackey
    July 2, 2017    

    He may be quiet but his photos speak volumes!! He is an amazing photographer that his photos speak his passion!

  3. Mary
    July 3, 2017    

    I know the whole Cowboy Lyle story!!!! But I’m not telling!!!

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