When you play, play hard.

-Theodore Roosevelt

On behalf of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation thank you for your impactful gift to Point to Point Park!

With the generous lead gift of $2,000,000 from the Matt and JoAnn Butler Foundation as a matching grant challenge, we raised $6,114,227 for Point to Point Park. Through everyone’s combined efforts, the challenge was accepted and fulfilled! When you choose to get in the arena, together we accomplish big things in Medora!

Each year thousands of families travel to and through Medora to take in all sorts of entertainment and adventure. This year, guests especially loved the outdoor activities and the fresh air!

Manitou the Zipline and Little Bully Pulpit proved to be a hit for families while in town visiting Medora. And the numbers show it!

We asked; to help us host more things that you like, what would you enjoy in Medora? 42% of guests who visited this summer that responded to our end of your survey said they would like to spend the day on the Lazy Lil Mo and in the pool. That was our change to the highest single activity respondents selected.

The summer of 2021 will bring the opening of Pancratz trails, hiking trails connected to Point to Point Park. The trails will offer different routes for everyone, from the casual hiker to the adventure seeker, the climbing experience will take you through the picturesque buttes to the top of the Badlands overlooking Historic Medora!

You will also see the beginnings of the aquatics phase for Point to Point Park underway with the goal to open in 2022!

We are excited too! Big things happening and big things to come for Medora! Thank you for connecting people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences.

11,836 guests took a high-flying ride on Manitou the Zipline.

Guests played 27,144 rounds of golf at Little Bully Pulpit in three less weeks, compared to 17,914 rounds played in 2019.

We are not done yet! We still have two sponsorship areas left at Point to Point Park. The Pool Building for $1,000,000 and $100,000 left for the Manitou the Zipline.

Point to Point Park Pavers
“Next 100 Years” Endowment

Medora is a family tradition and every generation remembers it being left a little better than those that experienced it before. Many people reminisce walking down a dirt path and sitting on wood planks to watch the first Medora Musicals and now families are welcomed by a world class theatre facility. “The Next 100 Years” Endowment will support the improvement of attractions your family know and love, while also creating opportunity for Medora to expand and grow.

Point to Point Park is offering a unique naming experience for families to present their name in the heart of the new Point to Point Park square by buying park pavers. Funds raised by paver purchases will support the “Next 100 Years” Endowment and the projects we are able to improve and add because of the support given now. The pavers will be located in the pavilion by the pool building where the public restrooms, concessions and tickets are located, surrounding the petrified rock.

Point to Point Park pavers will be 4 different sizes according to the size of the gifts: $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000.

For more information about the park layout and sponsorship opportunities go to MEDORA.COM/GIVE or call one of our Developement team members at (701) 223-4800.