What is North Dakota like?

We got asked a great question on twitter. And it got us thinking.

What is it like in North Dakota?

What is North Dakota like? Maybe you had the same #RandomMiddayThought.

To some,  it’s that place on the map next to Minnesota and below Canada, it is just a frozen tundra with wagon trains and buffalo roaming the plains. Chances are those people have never discovered North Dakota.

To others, it’s the place that their ancestors homesteaded. It’s a place where they came to re-live a part of history. It’s a place that they’ll never forget. To some, it’s a place with wide open spaces. It’s a place that harvests the land to feed millions. It’s a place that seems cold and harsh.

But, to many, it is home. It is a place where people love to live their lives. It is so fabulous in fact; that people can look past the seven months of freezing weather to enjoy the beauty that winter lays upon the land and look forward to the five magnificent months of summer that they know are soon to come. There is something magical about North Dakota that makes you fall in love. Whether it is the majestic Badlands that surround Historic Medora in the Southwest or the glorious views as far as the eye can see in the Eastern Red River Valley, North Dakota will find a place in your heart.

TRNP July 2012The people who call North Dakota their home are the heart and soul of our state. From those born here to those who have simply spent a short while here, North Dakota will surly leave an impression on you.

We are proud to have so many talented individuals from our state: Roger Maris, Josh Duhamel, Louis L’Amour and Lawrence Welk, are just a few.

We take pride in our North Dakota values. Values of family, the importance of hard work, and respect for the land flow through us. Theodore Roosevelt, who spent time in the North Dakota Badlands once said, “If it had not been for what I learned in North Dakota, I would never in the world have been President of the United States.”

North Dakota is bursting with history. Whether it is Theodore Roosevelt, the Marquis de Mores or Harold Schafer who had a vision to preserve the experience of the Badlands, the historic character of Medora and the heritage of Theodore Roosevelt, history is alive in our state.

The upswing of the oil and gas industry has given North Dakota a new buzz of energy. We have welcomed many families into our state, and are proud of our strong economy. Numerous job opportunities are now available across the state which opens the doors for new visitors to come to North Dakota and explore the wonder of our state.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Come stand in a wheat field, close your eyes and listen to the whispers of the wind, or visit Historic Medora to spend a night under the stars watching the “Greatest Show in the West”, the Medora Musical.  I dare you. You will fall in love too.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park


  1. Barry G. Beckett
    March 21, 2013    

    I left ND to join the US Marine Corps, to see the world & defend my Country. I got to do both!
    I live in CA now, but I will never forget the beauty of ND! The rolling plains, the flocks of ducks, geese, Hungarian Partridge, grouse, pheasants, etc. the herds of deer & all of the wildlife which abound in ND! But, most of all, the great people of ND! Their loving ways, morals, accountability, their love of God & Country, their hard work ideals, etc.
    I look forward to my visits & the warm welcome I receive from my friends & relatives! May God continue to bless the land & the glorious people of NDAK! Barry Beckett

  2. Caroline
    March 21, 2013    

    Great post! Reading this about my state makes me proud to call ND “home”. I’m looking forward to spending some days in Medora this summer.

  3. March 22, 2013    

    Thank you for this post! As my tweet stated, a random thought entered my mind about North Dakota, and I thought back to the countless times I’ve seen meteorologists on The Weather Channel talk about Bismarck and the sub-zero temps from the arctic air. After reading this post, I just may take a vacation out there one day! God bless.

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