The Buffalo Head – Medora’s Newest Photo Opp!

Magnificent New Art Enters Medora’s Historic Streets!

Medora has a reputation for the preservation of the wonderful history of the American Northwest. Whether it is through the Medora Musical, TR Salute to Medora, or the Chateau de Mores, we are invested helping you experience our history. However, this summer, you may notice something new to Medora as you drive through our streets.


This year we have introduced a new piece of artwork to our community!

What started out as a 2.5 ton 24 foot long iron sculpture is now transforming into a limited edition bronze Buffalo head sculpture!

The piece, titled “Herd Bull,” was created by artist, Benji Daniels, and is one of only five that will ever be made! Daniels is a storyteller, but unlike traditional storytellers, he tells his stories through sculpted iron and bronze.

Daniels, who has been formally sculpting since the 1980s, individually cast each piece, and like a bronze puzzle, welded them together to create the breathtaking full skull of the buffalo.

Anyone who sees the magnificent piece is moved, and Daniels himself attests to the powers the sculpture has as he believes,


“The buffalo is one of the most powerful symbols of native culture, and this massive sculpture makes a big statement about the passing buffalo.”


Through the sculpture, the artists own background and emotions are clearly displayed in this bronze replica.

The magnificent “Herd Bull,” located on 3rd Ave right next to Roosevelt’s Outpost, Medora’s best place to shop for Outdoor Adventure Gear, is not something you’ll want to miss! This great piece of art will definitely be something to remember, and is a great new photo opportunity in Medora this summer!



For more information contact:
Phone: 406-650-2200
227 C. Street Oswego
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