The Bad Lands Cow Boy Rides Back into Medora!

We’ve done it! We’ve resurrected A.T. Packard’s beloved, “Bad Lands Cow Boy News Paper.” Inside, you’ll find historical accounts of Medora’s past, as well as present and future goings-on.  You can pick up your copy of the paper at locations all around town. Read on for an exclusive article!

teddy roosevelt

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, originally published 1883 through 1886 has returned. Today is its inaugural issue.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Founda­tion says “Every town needs a newspaper, and Medora is no exception. This sum­mer we celebrate its resurgence.”

Foundation president, Randy Hazen­buhler, told the Board of Directors that the Cow Boy will be published weekly from June 5 through Labor Day. Randy told the publisher and editor, “Our cri­teria for any venue or activity in Medora is that it must be historic, educational, or entertaining. At 10 cents an issue or $2.00 for the season, we are excited about the stories, and news. We are anxious for your feedback.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy is published weekly. You can pick up your copy at locations around Medora.