The 1st Annual Bull Moose Mud Run

The 1st Annual Bull Moose Mud Run Went Off with a Bang–

–quite literally, as Lady Medora shot the gun that started what seems to have become a new favorite event in Medora.


It was the perfect day for a race… or was it an obstacle course? …Maybe a mud bath?

Regardless, participants were blessed with the perfect day to try their hand at racing an extremely challenging, muddy obstacle course; and it would seem everyone succeeded.



There were people that really raced—Boy, were they impressive!


They forged their way across rivers, charged through valleys of mud, sprinted through prairies, picked their own path to the top of a butte, hurdled and burrowed over and under obstacles, and carried logs on their backs with the help of only pure determination to push them through to the finish.



Others took a different, but equally courageous and impressive approach.
It became a bonding experience for many; helping each other up the slippery slope of the Creek Crawl, lending a hand to strangers to help them make it over hay bales.
The show of unity was impressive and heartwarming.



Overall, the 1st Annual Bull Moose Mud Run was a success. One could say that even TR, an early connoisseur of obstacle courses, would have been delighted with the challenge and the fun of the day.



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