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Scheels’ Gets BULLY Value from Medora Business Membership

A Medora Business Membership is a uniquely North Dakotan way to say thank you to the people that matter most to your business: your employees and your customers.

With Membership, you get season passes to the Medora Musical and rounds of golf at Bully Pulpit Golf Course to give to whomever you choose. Many companies get over a $10,000 return on their Membership… companies like Scheels.

We sat down with Melissa Neutman, Marketing and Events Director for Scheels in Bismarck to get her thoughts on the benefits of Membership, what it feels like to make the state’s #1 Tourist Destination better and what it’s like working for Scheels, a company who cares about the community and its employees alike!

Did your employees, coworkers and customers enjoy the Medora Musical season passes?

The season passes were a great opportunity for our SCHEELS employees and their family to see the great west. Employees commented over and over that the tickets were such a great way to enjoy time with friends and family while being able to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Did you/they have a favorite part of the Medora Musical this summer?

The patriotic ambiance of the Medora Musical is always breathtaking and well executed. 

Your support helped us rebuild historic buildings in Medora like the Old Bank (now the Fudge Depot) How does this make you feel adding to the history of Medora?

 Grateful! SCHEELS is proud to give back to surrounding communities. It’s times like this when the community comes together that big things can happen and history can live on.  

Do you have a personal Medora story? Or, your favorite thing about Medora?

Being that it was Bill Sorenson’s last year it was a must see this year for most. SCHEELS wishes Bill and his family a happy retirement and are excited to see the big changes for next year. 

Melissa Neutman – Marketing Director/Events Coordinator for Scheels in Bismarck.

Why is it important for Scheels to give back to the community?

Giving back to our community is something that we believe in at SCHEELS. Coming together to make our community stronger, safer, and creating an environment that we all are proud to be part of.  

Why do you like working at Scheels?

Over the last 18 years SCHEELS has given me strong values while being able to constantly grow with the company. SCHEELS is my second family from home. They are always there for you.  I highly encourage if you haven’t quite found your career that makes you feel happy and complete then SCHEELS might be your final stop! 

What would you say to someone looking to get into your line of work?

Being a Marketing/Event Leader at SCHEELS is a great opportunity to share your vision and ideas with the community.

This career path has reminded me how great our North Dakota culture is, people are willing to come together.

I am consistently challenging myself to build new relationships in our community while joining in on the fun of growing our community. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together! 

If you want to get in on this uniquely North Dakotan way to say thank you, learn more and purchase your Medora Business Membership here.

This year, EXPERIENCE THE BADLANDS. Pre-register now.

This year, EXPERIENCE THE BADLANDS. Pre-register now.

The best way to experience the Badlands – and we mean really experience them – is to get right in the heart of ’em the way Teddy would.

And the best way to do that, is to take in some of our favorite Badlands events.

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Here are a few great Badlands events so, mark your calendars and
pre-register now for some great savings!


Badlands Gravel Battle – May 29
A bike race through the back-roads of the Badlands. The Badlands Gravel Battle grinds across fast and rugged, red scoria roads in a 120 or 75 mile loop!
Learn more and save 20% when you sign up on Jan 1!


Medora’s Bully Run – June 4
This 5k Fun Run or Walk winds its way through Historic Medora and the beautiful Badlands during opening weekend of the Medora Musical. 
Sign up for just $15 when you pre-register starting Jan 1!


MDH 100 Mountain Bike Race – August 6
These 100, 75, 50, or 25 mile Maah Daah Hey races take you across one of the most majestic single-track adventures in the world. With miles of uninterrupted trail through the heart of the rugged Badlands, this is a race you will never forget!
Learn more and save 20% when you sign up on Jan 1!


Maah Daah Hey 5k/10k Trail Run – August 20
Experience the breath-taking beauty of the North Dakota Badlands as you run on portions of the renowned, Maah Daah Hey Trail!
Learn more about this revamped run!


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For more information on these and other events,
head to all year.

(above: Nick Ybarra rides a scenic ridge near the Maah Daah Hey trail)

PS – If the MDH 100 isn’t enough fun (or torture!) for you, the new Maah Daah Hey 150 Mountain Bike Race will be held September 17 – 22. Registration details here.