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A Life Time of Music: Roger Rettig

A Life Time of Music: Roger Rettig

Roger Rettig’s love of music has led him from England to Medora Musical stage.

This guest blog was written by Linda Sailer of the Dickinson Press. The full article can be found on the Dickinson Press website.


MEDORA — Over the past 10 seasons of the Medora Musical, Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation President Randy Hatzenbuhler said has come to know Roger Rettig well.

“We have a weekend routine when we all get together around a campfire in the backyard,” Hatzenbuhler said. “Roger and Bill (Sorenson) start telling stories — it’s like Laurel and Hardy. I love his British humor.”

England is where Rettig’s music career began 55 years ago — and he’s still going strong. Rettig is the pedal steel guitar player with The Coal Diggers Band, which plays for the Burning Hills Singers and takes center stage nightly at the Medora Musical. Rettig called Burning Hills Amphitheatre “an absolutely unique venue,” and referenced the recent spell of cold weather when describing how much he appreciates playing there. READ MORE »

Will it ruin your day if I use the word ‘snowblower? A guest blog by Clay Jenkinson.

Will it ruin your day if I use the word ‘snowblower? A guest blog by Clay Jenkinson.

This post was written by Clay Jenkinson, and originally published in his weekly column for the Bismarck Tribune.

July is almost gone. Any day now the box stores will carve out large spaces for school supplies. We all know what’s coming — what every North Dakotan knows must come — and it makes us want to linger outdoors in the evening, makes us want to schedule more picnics, more hikes, more days at the lake, more time on the river, more afternoons in the Badlands than we would think appropriate if this were southern California and summer lasted forever.

We cannot afford to pace ourselves here. North Dakotans have to squeeze in an awful lot of recreation between July 1 and Labor Day. It’s use it or lose it on the northern plains.

My daughter and I were in Medora last week to see the Medora Musical with the great Sheila Schafer, now enjoying her 50th summer in the Badlands. READ MORE »