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You’ll Come Home to North Dakota

You’ll Come Home to North Dakota

I have lived in North Dakota my entire life and have learned that, whether you are from here or not, you will always come back to visit especially when it comes to Medora and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There is something about the quiet little town on the western edge of North Dakota. A piece of my heart will always be there and it is because of Harold Shafer that I am able to return every year and grow fonder of the little town.

I am married now with children of my own and my six year old daughter already has given her entire heart to Medora. She eats, sleeps and breathes everything that has to do with that little town. She is not well and suffers from asthma and when she goes to Medora she can breathe easily. She sat on Santa’s lap for the first time this winter and said “Momma Medora is magical”.

I truly believe the spirits of Theodore Roosevelt, Harold Schafer and Wade Westin live on. When asking her if she could have one wish where would she go and she said “momma all I want in my life is to go to Medora”. She will be getting her wish of going to Medora everyday when she transfers schools and attends Demores Elementary School in Medora next year. Until then we have to make it through the summer. That is not that hard to do, we attend the musical tri-weekly and take in everything there is to offer.

Until June 8th my six year old informs me that there are only 43 more days to go before the quiet little town on the western edge transforms into a bustling little city for the summer. I recommend everyone young and old come and visit at least once because when you do you will always want to return for more!

— Lynn Jorda