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Bully Pulpit Golf Course – The Crescendo Effect

Bully Pulpit is truly a golf experience unmatched anywhere else. But sometimes we wonder if we’re a little biased because of our love for the Badlands as a whole. Recently, though, Minnesota Tee Times Michael Herzog made the trek to Medora to take in the Bully Pulpit experience for himself.

After a day on the course and night on the town, we think Michael may now have the same feelings for the Badlands as we do. Here are a few snippets from his recent story.


“I am often asked by friends, “Why would I invest my time, money, and resources into the eight hour drive to Medora to play Bully Pulpit?” and I can answer that with one word: simple. You will find that Bully Pulpit Golf Course and the city of Medora provide what Bully Pulpits’ PGA Head Golf Professional, Casey Moen, refers to as ‘The Crescendo Effect.’  READ MORE »