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Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Misti Koop

Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Misti Koop

1) What made you decide to audition for the Medora Musical again?

I am very excited to be coming back to Medora this summer.


Unlike other shows I’ve been a part of, The Medora Musical is unique and wonderful on a different level. I’m not trying to exaggerate.

MistiKoop 2012

At the closing of Medora 2012, I had gained several lifelong friends from our cast and crew. If your parents or teachers have ever told you, “surround yourself with exceptional people, and you will strive to be exceptional too,” then please believe them. That is exactly what I experienced as a Burning Hills Singer in The Medora Musical. Performing in this beautiful setting to a huge amphitheater of people who are truly glad to be there, and performing with a group of friendly, positive performers who give their ALL every night and LOVE what they do… is a top notch experience, in my book! READ MORE »

Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Delanie Wiedrich

Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Delanie Wiedrich


1)  What made you decide to, or want to, audition for the Medora Musical?

I’ve watched the Medora Musical since I was five years old. It was my first experience with musical theatre and really sparked my interest and love of the stage. I remember going up on the stage during the allotted children’s time and being in complete awe! Ever since, the Medora Musical has been something I’ve always wanted to be a part of.  I was going to audition last year, but I was only 17 at the time. Actually, I’m still 17. I’ll be turning 18 on May 8th, the day before rehearsals begin! Anyway, when I heard auditions were in Bismarck it was a “Why not?” moment. It was my first professional audition. READ MORE »

Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Damon Fichter

Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Damon Fichter

1) What made you decide to, or want to, audition for the Medora Musical?

Damon Fichter

I have wanted to audition for the Medora Musical ever since I was a child. I have enjoyed watching the show almost every year of my life. As an aspiring performer from Dickinson, North Dakota, this opportunity will also give me a fantastic foundation to continue furthering my career.



2013 Cast Video — What do you love about being in the Medora Musical?

2013 Cast Video — What do you love about being in the Medora Musical?

We shot this short video last fall, before our wonderful Burning Hills Singers took a [much needed] break. We wanted our fans and followers to be able to get to know them a little bit more — and man we think you’ll enjoy the time with them in this video. We saved it for now, though, so we can enjoy it together as we count down the days until the 2014 Medora Musical!

Enjoy! And feel free to share with your friends.

A Love Story: Medora and You.

Medora’s a special place. With all the love and giving that goes into everything we do here this comes as no surprise. Now people are always giving, whether it be money or time, but what really got Modern-Day Medora to this point, what got it off the ground, was love and a vision. Here’s how… READ MORE »

Season Passes are on Sale Now!

Season Passes are on Sale Now!


The auditions are in the books. The hosts, cast, band, and featured variety acts have all been picked. Your 2014 Medora Musical is closer than ever and we can’t wait to see you out here! Now I can’t give you all the details (We have to keep them a surprise for just a little longer), but what I can say is that this years Musical is setting up to be one of the best ever! Season tickets are on sale now and you can click here to buy your Season Pass! As always the cast is A+ and the three variety acts are sure to delight. Keep your eyes and ears open, as more announcements will be coming soon.

The Delicious Pitchfork Steak Fondue

The Delicious Pitchfork Steak Fondue

There are many exceptional dining experiences in Medora!  The most unique is the Pitchfork Steak Fondue. Where else can you savor a fondued 12 oz. rib-eye steak as you overlook the Badlands from atop a bluff at the Tjaden Terrace. We might be a little bias but Beth Schatz Kaylor who writes the fabulous blog Rhubarb and Venison agrees, the Pitchfork Fondue and the Medora Musical make for a wonderful evening!  Here are a few snippets from her recent post about the Pitchfork Fondue and Medora Musical.

“Deep fried steak. That’s supposed to be the star attraction at the Pitchfork Fondue in Medora, ND, but I’ve gotta tell you, although the steak is great, the view from the Pitchfork Fondue dining area is simply spectacular. Bring your camera.

But back to the food. As any visitor knows, when you go to Medora, you have to make a night out of 1) the Pitchfork Fondue, followed by 2) the Medora Musical. My carnivore husband LOVES the Pitchfork Fondue. As someone who treads a little heavier in vegetables than meat, even I admit that this is one tasty steak. Throw a steak in a pot of boiling hot oil and it sears immediately, creating a juicy cut with a crispy crust. As a crust fanatic, I completely approve of a crusty steak. A country band plays as diners load up their metal lunch trays (yay for reusable trays!) with coleslaw, baked beans, baked potatoes, raw veggies and Texas toast. The sides aren’t particularly interesting – they all play second fiddle to the meaty entree. “


You can read Beth Schatz Kaylor’s  full post Pitchfork Fondue in Medora, ND here!

Meet the 2013 Co- Hosts of the Medora Musical!

Meet the 2013 Co- Hosts of the Medora  Musical!

The Medora Musical is pleased to announce that Medora veterans Bill Sorensen and Emily Walter will co-host this season’s show.

Bill SorensenBill Sorensen has been involved in Medora for the past thirty years. During those years, he has been a versatile variety performer, acting as a host, magician and producer for the popular 4M Revue, where he has produced at least two thousand shows. READ MORE »

13 people you should meet in Medora!

13 people you should meet in Medora!

SS close-up with flag 2

Sheila Schafer – Sheila Schafer is the heart and soul of Medora.  Sheila, pronounced Shy-la, and her late husband Harold are likened with rejuvenating Medora and it’s historic presence. She has been in love with Medora since she visited for the first time and we love it every time she returns.

The Burning Hills Singers – This terrific group of 12 singers and dancers kick their heels up in Medora nightly for the Medora Musical. Keep an eye out, they work throughout the town of Medora during the day! Click here to meet the 2013 cast.

The Coal Diggers – Banjo’s, Fiddles and Drums are what the Coal Diggers know, and boy can they play! They bring the Medora Musical to life every night with their foot stomping slapping tunes. Find out who the 2013 Coal Diggers are here! READ MORE »

July 4th in Medora: A Visit with Sheila Schafer

July 4th in Medora: A Visit with Sheila Schafer

For decades, families, parade-goers, employees, park rangers, Medora Musical cast members, and countless others have enjoyed the 4th of July holiday in this patriotic little town.

Sheila Schafer, the unofficial “First Lady of Medora”, is busy gearing up for the 4th at her log cabin home in Medora.  She may be eighty-seven years old, but her calendar is jam-packed with appointments, lunches, interviews, family time, and frequent evenings watching the Medora Musical.  When I stopped by this week, she was baking all-American apple pies in preparation for the arrival of several relatives over the course of the next few days.   A neat row of American flags—which she proudly notes are labeled by the manufacturer “Made in the USA”—wave in the wind from her front yard flower beds.  And of course, 400 ice cream bars are chilling in her freezer (…we’ll get to that later).

When asked why Medora is such a fun place to celebrate the Independence Day holiday, she quickly replied, “Well, there’s three big reasons to come out to Medora on the 4th of July. First, we always have a big crowd at the Medora Musical, and those kids [the Burning Hills Singers] are fired up and ready to do that show!  Second, we put on a great parade. Third, we put on a big fireworks show that no one can beat, and everyone congregates on my lawn to watch.”

The 400 ice cream bars await employees and volunteers who come to take in the fireworks show at Sheila’s house, the best view in town.  Sheila and a crew of helpers happily hand out the ice cream to the people who keep Medora running all summer long.  Around 11:15pm, members of the crowd quiet down, lie on blankets looking up at the stars, and await the dramatic artillery of a fireworks show that will light up the sky and shake the ground beneath them.

Sheila (pronounced “shy – la”) is the widow of Harold Schafer, owner of the Gold Seal Company, founder of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, and the philanthropist who lovingly poured money and energy into the rejuvenation of the town of Medora in the 1960s.

Harold passed away more than a decade ago, but Sheila says she thinks about him more during the 4th of July than any other time during the summer season in Medora.  “After Christmas, the 4th of July was Harold’s favorite time of year!  He was very patriotic. He so honored people that served.  How proud he would be that we’ve got a grandson now that just got his sergeant stripes in the National Guard.” In fact, Sheila tells that in Harold’s will, one of his wishes was that Medora continue to hold 4th of July Parades and a big fireworks show every year.

When Harold and Sheila were younger, they spent 4th of July holidays riding horseback in the Dickinson and Medora parades, duded up in Roy Rogers-like apparel.  Sheila is proud of the number of parade entrants Medora usually sees, saying the parades here used to be much smaller. She laughs, “Bill Sorensen [of the 4-M Revue] used to joke during his show that our parade was so small, we would just park the parade and let the people walk around it!  Now we get a pretty good sized parade.”  Harold was also known to buy hundreds of little American flags and send Sheila downtown to hand them out to all the children on the boardwalks of Medora.

This year, Harold would have been 100 years old in February.  Sheila knows he would be proud of the patriotic pride still on display today, and throughout the year, in Medora.

(See the Medora calendar of events for listings of patriotic celebrations and parades.  Medora’s special Veteran’s Day is July 8 and honors all armed service veterans.  Click here to read details.)