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The Medora Gospel Brunch is a Deliciously Good Time

And the food is great too!


You’ll never experience anything quite like The Medora Gospel Brunch!


It leaves you feeling full, not just with delicious food, but in spirit too! READ MORE »

A Musical Tradition

Here in Medora everyone is gearing up for Independence Day Weekend and the 4th of July!

However, no one is more excited than the Medora Musical Cast.

Because not only is it Independence Day Weekend and the 4th of July, but this Saturday marks the 53rd Anniversary of the Medora Musical!


Opening Weekend Was a Success!

Last weekend was opening weekend at the Medora Musical–and it was one rootin’-tootin,’ boot-scootin’ heck of a time!

There was singing.

There was dancing.
There was singing while dancing.

And of course, there was laughter all night long!


Here are some photos of the show in case you missed opening weekend, or just want to
re-live the best weekend of your summer! READ MORE »

Top 3 Medora Musical Moments!

There are just 3 more days until opening night of the 2017 Medora Musical

In celebration, here are a few of our favorite Medora Musical Moments that you should watch out for!

Medora Musical Moment #1 : The Cloggers!

It’s not tap… It’s not swing… IT’S CLOGGING!

Clogging has been featured in the Medora Musical since the very beginning and is an unforgettable part of the show!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the unmistakable sight and sound of the Medora Cloggers!

Medora Musical Moment #2: The Variety Show!

The fun never stops at the Medora Musical!

While the cast and crew prepare for the second act, guests experience unforgettable entertainment in the form of our variety shows — which change throughout the season!

You’ll never laugh so hard, cheer so loud, or be so amazed as you are watching comedic and acrobatic talent brought here from around the world!

Check out this year’s Variety Acts here!

Medora Musical Moment #3: The Firework Finale!

Nothing ends a night better than the Medora Musical’s breathtaking fireworks display! You won’t want to miss one minute!


Look for more Medora Musical Moments here!






2017 Medora Musical Auditions

Calling all singers and dancers!

Auditions for the Medora Musical have been announced.

We recruit talent from around the region and country, and some of the best comes from right in our own backyard — so if you have the talent and desire, head to one of these locations and audition! READ MORE »

Some Medora Musical All-stars Have a Special Message for You!

See all the videos by clicking read more.


Medora Musical Cast Blog: Misti Koop’s Pre-Show Routine

Medora Musical Cast Blog: Misti Koop’s Pre-Show Routine

You see the Burning Hills Singers on stage, but have you ever wondered what they do to get ready for the Show? In this blog, Grand Forks North Dakota native, Misti Koop, tells you what it takes to get ready for, “The Greatest Show in the West!” Enter Misti…

misito READ MORE »

Behind the Scenes of the 50th Anniversary Season of the Medora Musical

Behind the Scenes of the 50th Anniversary Season of the Medora Musical

Hey y’all! The 50th Anniversary Season of the Medora Musical starts so soon we can almost hear the cloggers! Opening weekend kicks off June 5 with the first performance of this year’s Medora Musical!

Rehearsals are in full swing. Song and dance numbers are melding together, and the on-stage banter of Emily Walter and Bill Sorensen is just getting started. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of rehearsal for “The Greatest Show in the West”!


The “Queen of the West,” Emily Walter. Look at that 1,000 watt smile! READ MORE »

Sorensen, Walter to Lead 50th Anniversary Medora Musical

Sorensen, Walter to Lead 50th Anniversary Medora Musical

Dickinson, Fargo, and Grand Forks Performers Join Professional Cast from Across Nation

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, in conjunction with StageWest Entertainment, is excited to announce the cast of the 50th Anniversary Season of the Medora Musical. After the conclusion of thousands of auditions in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Tennessee, 12 Burning Hills Singers and two hosts have been selected for this year’s landmark performance.

The “Queen of the West,” Emily Walter, will join “Wild West Prestidigitator,”Bill Sorensen, as co-hosts of this year’s show. Walter enjoyed several seasons as a Burning Hills Singer in the mid-90’s before traveling the world as a professional entertainer. She began hosting the Medora Musical in 2010 and this year will use her powerful voice to lead the cast as they celebrate the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and the old west.

Meanwhile, the on-stage antics of Bill Sorensen will add a touch of magic and humor to the storyline – while he ever so slightly pesters his fellow cast members, to the delight of the crowd.

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Cast Blog: Becoming a Burning Hills Singer with Misti Koop part 2

Cast Blog: Becoming a Burning Hills Singer with Misti Koop part 2


When we first start rehearsing in May, we have the advantage of a wall of mirrors. This helps so much to learn choreography! But once we reach the amphitheater, it’s all about numbers and spacing and timing… no mirrors anymore. The stage is lined with ascending numbers out from the center (being “0”) to each side. Besides, lyrics, correct notes, and precise choreography, we also have to be in the right place at all times. This precise placement of each moment of the show is called our “blocking.” READ MORE »