Summers in Medora, On The Maah Daah Hey Trail

A couple of Bismarck friends  were out bicycling on the Maah Daah Hey Trail, just south of Medora, one hot summer afternoon when they noticed a sign that said “Lots For Sale.” The billboard was advertising locations for Badlands homes being offered by TRMF in the Sully Creek Subdivision. A lightbulb came on.


“We got this crazy idea to build a cabin,”


Kyle Leftwich said, and the pair, Kyle and his friend Kadon Hintz, went to visit TRMF President Randy Hatzenbuhler, and the next thing they knew they were framing up a summer getaway home in the Badlands.

Their “cabin,” which turned out to be a bit more than the name implies, is located at the north end of the subdivision near the entrance to Sully Creek State Park. The pair and their family members have done much of the work themselves, except for the necessary tradesman jobs like plumbing and electricity, and some of the finish work inside.

The Hintz family: Kadon and Michelle and their children Parker, Hannah and Owen.

It’s been a labor of love for the two men, neither of whom is a carpenter by trade. Both are employed by Sanford of Bismarck, Kyle as a pharmacist and Kadon as an emergency room physician. They plan to have it done in time to use it this summer.


Their families are as excited as they are!


While Kyle and Kadon spend their time on the Maah Daah Hey Trail on bicycles—they even participate in the Maah Daah Hey races in the summer and the winter—their wives, Andrea Leftwich and Michelle Hintz, are runners, and can often be found running on the trail on summer mornings.

Kyle and Andrea Leftwich and their children Anja, Micah, and Emelia enjoying a summer day in the Badlands.

And there’s usually six children—three in each family—tagging along and finding lots of adventures in their new summer retreat. The trailhead for the Maah Daah Hey is at Sully Creek State Park, just down the road from their new home, and the trail practically runs through their backyard.

The two families share their love for the Badlands with another famous former Medora resident, Theodore Roosevelt. They’ve gotten involved with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, and last spring Kyle and Andrea served as hosts for a stop on our “Theodore Roosevelt Tour,” inviting about three dozen of their friends to their house to meet with TRMF staff and see a presentation by our own TR, Joe Wiegand.


“We enjoy bringing new, young people into the TRMF family,”


said TRMF President Randy Hatzenbuhler “We’re pleased to welcome the Leftwich’s and the Hintz’s as the first residents of our subdivision. We’ll look forward to seeing them around Medora this summer.”

Lots at Sully Creek Subdivision

Bully Pulpit Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is offering lots for sale at Medora’s Sully Creek Subdivision.

Ranging in size from two to six acres, the lots are ideal for permanent or vacation homes.

Go to for more information.

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