Rudi Macaggi:New Variety Act at the Medora Musical July 30 – August 19

Rudi Macaggi is a third-generation circus acrobat from Italy. He grew up performing with his family and traveling the world, becoming fluent in Italian, French, Spanish and English. He first came to the United States in 1982 while performing with a circus and eventually ran away from the circus to pursue a solo career that has taken a unique path, combining acrobatics with comedy, and earning him the nickname “The Acromedian.” Macaggi enjoys learning new skills, and is constantly incorporating original elements into his craft. He moved to New York City with dreams of having his own show. There he met Lea McGowan, a ballerina who also came to New York to pursue her dreams, and fell in love. The couple began working together and enjoys the creative process, continually looking for new ways to combine their strengths and talents. Macaggi strives to bring happiness to people in each performance, inspiring laughter and smiles with his friendly catchphrase, “I like you.”

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