Q & A with 2014 Burning Hills Singer, Misti Koop

1) What made you decide to audition for the Medora Musical again?

I am very excited to be coming back to Medora this summer.


Unlike other shows I’ve been a part of, The Medora Musical is unique and wonderful on a different level. I’m not trying to exaggerate.

MistiKoop 2012

At the closing of Medora 2012, I had gained several lifelong friends from our cast and crew. If your parents or teachers have ever told you, “surround yourself with exceptional people, and you will strive to be exceptional too,” then please believe them. That is exactly what I experienced as a Burning Hills Singer in The Medora Musical. Performing in this beautiful setting to a huge amphitheater of people who are truly glad to be there, and performing with a group of friendly, positive performers who give their ALL every night and LOVE what they do… is a top notch experience, in my book!

It does add an extra layer of pride when you are singing about “North Dakota,” your personal home. Many nights I remember tears of love and pride.

They say that each year of the musical is a totally different experience. This fact excites me, challenges me – as a new cast and crew, what can we accomplish this season?! What will we bring to this year’s show? How will we impact each other’s lives and careers and our audiences?


2)  What did you most enjoy about your previous experience as a Burning Hills Singer? 

I believe the thing I loved most about my experience as a Burning Hills Singer last time was singing and dancing “full-out,” 200%, together – as hard as we could dance, smile, and sing all at the same time, with full hearts. There is nothing like being a part of a “united 200%” – nothing in the world – especially on the Medora stage, for an audience of genuine hearts.

We sure had a great time with our “museum scene” [in 2012] when we all played different characters of the “Cowboy Hall of Fame.” It was full of laughter, comedy, harmony, and such a collection of songs and personalities! We could feel the audience enjoying it right along with us. I secretly loved climbing on top of the stagecoach twice a night – a little thrill for me!


When given the opportunity to return for another season, I didn’t even hesitate. I knew that this is where I wanted to be this summer. And if The Medora Musical will have me again, I can’t wait to give my all and see what new people and possibilities unfold! I am grateful and excited.

I am one of the van drivers again, too! That’s fun for me, personally to look forward to. I am hoping the stage won’t mind some musical comedy from me again. I really can’t help myself. 🙂

I do love a nice campfire after some shows – I hope some of the cast are up for a fire once in a while. There are a few others returning from my year. I am looking forward to reconnecting with these wonderful people, too.


Koop, a graduate from the University of North Dakota’s Master of Arts in Theater program and current East Grand Forks music teacher, performed in the 2012 Medora Musical and is excited to return in 2014.

The 2014 Medora Musical shows every night, June 6 to September 6, at 7:30 p.m. MDT, in the 2,900-seat Burning Hills Amphitheatre.


  1. Margaret and Earl Kinnear
    April 2, 2014    

    Great article Misti! We’re SO PROUD of you and can hardly wait to see you perform in The Medora Musical this summer! Have fun! We send you lots of XXOO!!

  2. Laura Kinnear
    April 2, 2014    

    So excitied to come and see you perform once again in the the Medora Musical! Go Get’em Girl! I know you will do wonderfully 🙂 Love ya!
    Your friend and Peapod!

  3. Cindi & Leo Marshall
    April 7, 2014    

    We can’t wait to see Misti at Medora…the first time around was a “rainout” and yet, Misti came to our rooms, and gave a mini review of the show, complete with song and as much dance as you could in a hotel room! We are so proud of you and what you put into your life! All our love, Marshalls

  4. Judy Ness
    April 29, 2014    

    Congratulations on all your success and welcome back to the Medora Musical. Your Mom and I are school friends from back in Lancaster. Very much looking forward to attending the show this year.

  5. Cindi & Leo
    April 29, 2014    

    Yay, can’t wait to see you again Ms. Misti, at Medora! This time, no rain please! Your personal rendition of the show was awesome, but we’d like to see it on the big stage this time! You are the best and loved by many!

  6. Sammy Grotberg
    September 7, 2014    

    You are a very good singer!
    I hope you come back next year!

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