Paving a Path Forward at Bully Pulpit: Cart Path Concrete Provider Wins National Award

Dickinson Ready Mix, a company with decades of history supporting the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, was in the national spotlight this spring thanks in part to a project at Bully Pulpit Golf Course.

In March of 2022, Scott Olin, the President and General Manager of Dickinson Ready Mix, was named the Concrete Pavement Promoter of the Year by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).

Left to right: NRMCA Chairman Abbott Lawrence, Scott Olin, and National Pavement Promotion Committee Chair Hank Hauge

“Any time you’re recognized nationally, it’s just a huge honor,” Olin said of the award.

Scott Olin is entering his 42nd year as a member of the Dickinson Ready Mix team. His father Jack also spent 41 years with the company, and his son Ben is an employee of eight years.

Olin said the award was given largely due to the innovative work his company is is doing with Bully Pulpit Golf Course: three miles of cart paths have been upgraded to concrete from Dickinson Ready Mix.

“We are especially proud of our work at Bully Pulpit,” Olin said. “It’s such a gem of southwest North Dakota.”

Providing concrete for the cart paths marks another chapter in Dickinson Ready Mix’s history of supporting the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. The company also provided concrete for the rebuilding of the Burning Hills Amphitheatre in the 1990s. “We were backing trucks up the butte to pour the foundations for the amphitheatre seating,” he recalled. “That was one of the neatest projects that we ever had the opportunity to be a part of.”

Golfers at Bully Pulpit in 2022 will be sure to notice a smoother ride. The concrete cart path project is more than halfway complete. “It should make for a more pleasant ride between holes,” said Patrick Rominger, the Bully Pulpit Clubhouse Manager and PGA Head Golf Professional. “And it helps us prolong the lifespan of our carts.” Cart path upgrades are slated to continue next offseason.

Scott Olin said the new concrete paths are a wise investment for Bully Pulpit. “It’s long lasting,” he said. “There’s concrete pavement in the country that’s 100 years old and still being used.”

He also said the upgrade from asphalt to concrete is in line with the mission of Legacy Bully Pulpit: to preserve the natural beauty of the Badlands. “Bully Pulpit is in a fragile environmental setting, built right into the Badlands. A sustainable cart path will fit right in.”

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation congratulates Scott Olin on his well-deserved national recognition, and thanks him and Dickinson Ready Mix for their continued support.

PS: The Bully Pulpit Golf Course team is targeting a mid-May opening date in 2022, weather permitting. Stay tuned for details!