Opening Weekend Was a Success!

Last weekend was opening weekend at the Medora Musical–and it was one rootin’-tootin,’ boot-scootin’ heck of a time!

There was singing.

There was dancing.
There was singing while dancing.

And of course, there was laughter all night long!


Here are some photos of the show in case you missed opening weekend, or just want to
re-live the best weekend of your summer!


The Burning Hills Singers know how to put on a show!

The Medora Musical is TR approved!

You think the picture’s funny, but you should see their performance!

Is there an award for achieving the dream of being able to tell your mom that your full-time job includes selling popcorn?

Whoopin’ an’ hollerin’ because even the musicians just can’t get enough of the Medora Musical!

Cheezin’ with Cowboy Chet

Flying through the air is completely possible with the magic of the Medora Musical!

Damon Fitcher can’t keep a smile off his face, even while singing!

The lights shine dimly in comparison to the stars on stage!

Christie sparkles like the gem she is!

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but I can only think of one: Perfection.

Standing ovation for opening weekend!

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