New Host of the Medora Musical Teams with All-Star Cast

Wollan to Host alongside talented cast from around the nation and North Dakota

(Medora, ND) – The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, in conjunction with StageWest Entertainment, is excited to announce the cast and band of the 2016 Medora Musical. Following the conclusion of thousands of auditions in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Tennessee, a new host, veteran co-host, and 12 all-star Burning Hills Singers have been selected for this year’s performance.

Long time Burning Hills Singer, Chet Wollan, will take on a brand-new role as the host of this year’s Medora Musical. His charming, musical approach will be balanced, of course, by his lovable antagonist, Bill Sorensen, who returns as co-host for his fourth straight year.


For Wollan — who hails from St. Anthony, MN, and will be performing for his tenth season — the opportunity to host the Medora Musical has been a long time coming. “I’ve been a Burning Hills Singer for a long time — and been involved in the show longer than that with my family —

so to be the host for the first time this year, it’s exciting.

It’s a new challenge to see how we can tell a great story even better — and as a performer, this is something I’ve been working toward for years.”

Wollan continued, “I’m excited to open on June 3rd — maybe a little nervous, I guess, but I feel fortunate to have a seasoned co-host in Bill [Sorensen] alongside me. With the two of us hosting together — not to mention the really talented Burning Hills Singers and Coal Diggers Band that are cast this year — I think this season will continue the trend of really, really great productions. I think it’s going to be yet another great year to see the Medora Musical.”


This year’s cast and band features great talent all around, but the mix of returning stars and great new talent is most exciting for producers. Damon Fichter, Dickinson, and Misti Koop, Grand Forks, are our two North Dakotans.

Veteran professional performers, like the animated Ken Quircone, Candice Lively-Wollan (who also happens to be our new host’s better half), and the infamous pedal steel player, Roger Rettig, also return to the show – bringing with them Broadway-level talent and experience that is sure to create an amazing Medora Musical performance this season.

Inside Cover Photo

Newcomers always inject exciting, new energy into the show. This year’s Musical features three, brand-new performers to the stage of the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. TJ Besler, Randall Brown, and Michael Martin will all be performing in the “Greatest Show in the West” for the very first time and will not only bring fresh skills to the stage, but also amazing vocal and acting talent practiced while performing in shows across the country.

The full lineup of Hosts, Burning Hills Singers, and Coal Diggers Band members is listed below.

Hosts of the Medora Musical

  • Chet Wollan — “Cowboy Chet” — New Host
  • Bill Sorensen — ” Wild West Prestidigitator” — returning

2016 Burning Hills Singers

  • TJ Besler — Manchester, Iowa
  • Jessica Bradish — Des Moines, Iowa — returning
  • Randall Brown — Waynesville, North Carolina
  • Damon Fichter– Dickinson, North Dakota — returning
  • Misti Koop — Grand Forks, North Dakota — returning
  • Kevin Korczynski — Bel Air, Maryland — returning
  • Candice Lively-Wollan — Strawberry Plains, Tennessee — returning
  • Michael Martin — Cleveland, Tennessee
  • Ken Quiricone — Stratford Connecticut — returning
  • Carolyn Schmitz — Wells, Minnesota — returning
  • Kimberly Willow — Spencer, Iowa — returning
  • Janet Wiggins — Wichita, Kansas — returning

2016 Coal Diggers Band

  • Ed Avila, Bass — North Plainfield, New Jersey
  • Marcus Bohn, Drums — St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Tyler Jewell, Guitar — Springfield, Missouri
  • Josh McFerren, Fiddle — Grazeyburg, Ohio
  • Roger Rettig, Pedal Steel — London, England
  • Chad Willow, Keyboards — Two Harbors, Minnesota

The 52nd Edition of the Medora Musical shows all summer long, June 3 – September 10, at 7:30pm MDT.

Tickets for the Medora Musical go on sale April 25 only at

The 2016 Medora Musical Variety Acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

SEE ATTACHMENTS: Photos of Hosts and Burning Hills Singers.

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