Medora Musical Cast Blog: Misti Koop’s Pre-Show Routine

You see the Burning Hills Singers on stage, but have you ever wondered what they do to get ready for the Show? In this blog, Grand Forks North Dakota native, Misti Koop, tells you what it takes to get ready for, “The Greatest Show in the West!” Enter Misti…


My favorite place to sit, is outside of the Rough Rider Hotel. The gliders are so comfortable in the shade and the WI-FI is good! The motion of the back and forth of the glider, entices me to write. I love it.

I will head to the Chuck soon for dinner. It’s nice to eat early so I can digest the food I eat in order to feel fueled, yet not “newly” full for the show. A lot of us try to eat early too, for this reason.

I like to get up the hill early too. This gives me a chance to preset my quick change costumes and check props and do a few exercises before call time. Today, we have a choreography brush up, which happens often. We are constantly cleaning and perfecting our notes and movements for the Medora Musical

to be sure it is the best product we can present every night. 🙂

It’s nice to be a few weeks into the season. We feel confident with the flow of the show and proud to share it with guests!

Love – Misti.

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  1. Patty LaPaglia
    June 23, 2015    

    The show is amazing this year! It’s quickly become one of my favorite productions of the musical. I’m so glad your back once again. I never tire of going up to the show when I’m on shift. So I’m sure I’ll see you a few more times this season. Keep up the great work.

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