Medora Gospel Brunch to Open This Saturday

Emily Walter leads quartet and live band as new show begins
June 18

(Medora, ND) – The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) and StageWest Entertainment are excited to announce that the brand-new show, the Medora Gospel Brunch will begin this Saturday.

Hosted by Emily Walter — a former Burning Hills Singer and Host of the Medora Musical — the Medora Gospel Brunch will show Saturdays at 10am and Sundays at 9:30am and Noon at Meodra’s Chuckwagon Dinner Theater.

Emily Walter says, “The Medora Gospel Brunch will be filled with beloved gospel music with a rousing band and a quartet of select Burning Hills Singers. And it’s all accompanied by a fabulous brunch. It’s a truly unique show, something Medora’s never had before.”

Joining Walter will be a rotation of singers including, Chet Wollan, Damon Fichter, Candice Lively-Wollan, Carolyn Schmitz, and Michael Martin. Coal Digger Band Leader, Chad Willow will lead a live, three-piece band and an inspirational message for this Gospel Musical will be delivered by Bill Sorensen during the first half of the season and by Theodore Roosevelt during the latter half.

TRMF marketing director, Justin Fisk says, “The gospel numbers in the Medora Musical have long been fan favorites and, for a while, everyone in Medora has been talking about opening ‘the next big show’. All of us who have seen rehearsals, who have been able to see how big of a production this is going to be, and how exciting this dinner theater experience will be, can tell that the Medora Gospel Brunch is that next big thing to make Medora even better for guests.”

Prior to the Gospel performance, guests will be served traditional brunch fare such as egg bakes and breakfast meats. Bloody Marys and Mimosas will be available to pair with brunches as well.

The cost is $36 for Adults (including brunch and the show). Ages 7-17 $16 (including brunch and the show) and Preschoolers are FREE.

Medora Gospel Brunch tickets are available at in advance, or at any ticketing location in Medora the day of the show.

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