Medora’s July 4th activities

July 3 – 4

Independence Day Celebration

Celebrate the Fourth of July Medora style. Line up along Medora’s Main Street to watch the Independence Day parades, starting at 3:30 p.m. daily July 3 and 4. Following the Medora Musical performance on July 4, fireworks will light up the sky with an amazing display of vibrant colors, patterns and presentations. 

Aside from the fireworks and parades, Medora’s guests will take in other popular activities like:


Medora Musical

8:30 p.m. (MT), Burning Hills Amphitheater

Celebrating its 47th season in 2011, the Medora Musical is a professionally produced, high energy, Western style revue set in the 2,852 seat Burning Hills Amphitheater in the North Dakota Badlands. Audiences are treated to an exciting array of song and dance routines performed by the Burning Hills Singers and accompanied by the on-stage band, the Coal Diggers. This family friendly show is dedicated to the legacy of President Theodore Roosevelt and his time spent in the Badlands.

Pitchfork Fondue

6:15 p.m. (MT), Tjaden Terrace

The nationally acclaimed Pitchfork Steak Fondue is a traveler’s delight. Every evening our chefs load steaks onto pitchforks and fondue them western style. Savor your steak as you overlook the picturesque Badlands from atop a bluff at the Tjaden Terrace.

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