KX News: Long-time Medora volunteer survives stroke, returns for her 15th year

If you were watching KX News recently, you might have seen a familiar Medora face on your television!

Lonnie Bonner was featured by the local news outlet on Monday, August 2nd, 2021. She was featured for her incredible determination that she displayed after suffering a stroke in February:

“The 73-year-old did not let the stroke get in the way of doing what she loves most: volunteering.

“I had already signed up to volunteer out here, and I didn’t want to miss that,” Bonner added.

Volunteer Coordinator Peggy Gunther said it would not be the same without Bonner’s annual visit.

“It would have been a loss of spirit loss in this group to be very honest with you. Her sense of humor, her dedication, her joy is infectious. It just would have been a missing link,” Gunther said.

We strive to create positive, life-changing experiences for everyone who comes to Medora—and when Lonnie told us that her #1 goal post-stroke was to make it back out for a 15th summer of volunteering, our hearts were filled with pride.

We love all of our amazing volunteers, and we’re so thankful Lonnie made it back ‘home’ to Medora this summer!

Click here to see the whole story by KX News on Lonnie’s recovery and dedication to volunteering in Medora.