Interview with 2018 Burning Hills Singer – Kevin Korczynski

Kevin Korczynski is one of the most popular Burning Hills Singers in the history of the Medora Musical.

And after a year-long break, he’s returning to a, “one-of-a-kind” stage!

See what Kevin has to say about his return to the Burning Hills Amphitheatre and be sure to read all the way to the end… there is an AMAZING story about the First Lady of Modern Medora, Sheila Schafer!

What are some of the shows you’ve done before the Medora Musical?

I’ve been fortunate to work from east coast to the west coast. Maryland is home base but I travel (and live) where the work is!

My background is generally musical theatre-based (not country…which I find a refreshing challenge to re-visit each summer.) Just this past year I was onstage in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Illinois in various musicals.

The Medora Musical will forever be a fav because it’s simply one-of-a-kind.


What would you like the audience to know about what it’s like performing in the Medora Musical?

That we, as a company, are genuinely having a good time!

Sure, it’s like being shot out of a cannon some (ALL) nights but, the fun is authentic.  As a performer, you find different “moments” to have with your other cast mates, “bits” to enjoy, inside jokes to chat/laugh about while partner dancing or just reacting in the background.

Chances are, if you as an audience member see a cast member cracking up onstage about something, it’s the real deal. And probably about something ridiculous.


What’s a favorite “Medora” story of yours?

Every summer is a different story with unbeatable memories but an especially vivid one concerns the Queen & First Lady of Medora, Ms. Sheila Schafer.

Let me set the scene. With each subsequent year, Sheila came back to Medora looking even more striking. With even more energy than the summer before.

Aside from our moments in town together, or having her at the Musical…my most unforgettable memory occurred when I was working part-time in the Reservation Center.  I was on the phone with a guest facing my computer when all of a sudden, I felt this huge hug around my back and a big kiss on my neck.

I turned around and it was Sheila, coming in to shine her light in our (then) basement office.  She struck up a conversation with me…all the while I still had an active headset (i.e. a guest in my other ear trying to make a payment, asking questions about the hotel room, the Fondue, etc.)  When I finally finished with the guest, Sheila and I kept chatting for a few minutes…a nice break from the busy day.

Ultimately, she grabbed my hand and said “thank you for all of your hard work…and thank you for always being so grateful yourself.”  That comment was enough…just so random and nice to hear.  Sheila THEN pulled out a stack of 20-dollar bills, which amounted to $200 and said, “take this…divide it up among your co-workers here today…and let them be thankful for YOU.”

My jaw was on the floor.

And this happened AGAIN the following summer!!  Who does that?!  It was a very happy shift for in the Reservation Center that day for everyone. And that’s just one example of Sheila’s random acts of kindness, paying it forward, and making someone feel like a million bucks.


Sheila’s still watching the Musical every night. And I believe she has the best seat in the house.


A picture of Sheila Schafer taken between 2011 and 2014.

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  1. Janet Wieser
    April 6, 2018    

    Medora…my favorite get-a-way! I love the place, the Musical, the people, the stories online. I love getting the Rough Rider Review and seeing what is going on in Medora, what changes are being made, stories of special people of interest. Just the thought of Medora stirs up wonderful memories of times spent there, and looking forward to another season of fun and entertainment. Even though it is not possible to be there all the time, it is so great to know that when I can get away, you are there to offer a refreshing experience! Thanks, Medora!!!

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