Interview with 2018 Burning Hills Singer — Alyssa Scott

Fargo, ND native Alyssa Scott is thrilled to be returning to Medora for her second summer as a Burning Hills Singer. We dropped a few questions her way via email and she answered them from her Nashville, TN abode!

What have you been up to since the last Medora musical?


Adam and I have been living in Nashville, TN, and the experience has been great. We have been writing and performing as much as possible! I have also had the opportunity to play on Broadway a few times while being down here, which has truly been a dream of mine. I’m ready for Medora though!


Why are you excited to be back performing at the burning hills amphitheater?


There is absolutely nothing like the Burning Hills Amphitheatre! The feeling that I get going on stage every night in front of an amazing audience is unreal. Every night, I get to go on stage and see the beautiful badlands surrounded by friends and supporters while doing what we love. Nothing competes. I’m beyond excited to be back up North, home, and see family and friends.


What’s your favorite Medora story from the show or working in town at the Farmhouse Cafe?


Well first off, some highlights from the show last year are definitely the unexpected moments that happen. Last year, I remember I switched up a line I had and it threw off Cowboy Chet and his next line. I felt so bad! BUT he rolled with the punches and now I look back and smile. Also, last year during the Gospel section, a paint brush broke and all of us did all we could just to get through the song without laughing. (I think we pretty much laughed through the song though). It’s moments like these though that become fond memories!


I also had great moments from working in town! It’s special working in town as well as doing the Musical because people that came to the show will look at you for a bit and wonder ‘why do you look so familiar’? They find out you’re in the show and their face lights up because they had so much fun at the show and now they can talk about it while they get breakfast! As well as great moments with visitors, I had numerous great moments with the other people that work in town.


Seriously, Medora has wonderful people and they all make Medora something special that I had to come back for this year! I can’t wait for this summer.

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