Behind the Scenes of the Medora Musical–Photo shoot

With the summer season right around the corner, everyone here in Medora is working tirelessly to prepare our favorite people in the world… you, our guests!

And this is especially true for the Medora Musical Cast! Why, just yesterday they had an afternoon photo shoot. Take a look!


Emily Wolter- My First Day as a Medora Intern

Hi! My name is Emily Wolter,

and I’m the Marketing Intern with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. I know what some of you are thinking, “Do you mean, Emily Walter? The Emily Walter?”

No. Alas, I am not the “Queen of the West,” but I did spend my first day in Medora being introduced to many people — all of whom went through a series of confusion, shock, and amusement when they heard my name. […]

Behind the scenes: 2017 Medora Musical Rehearsals

Rehearsals are in full effect — the countdown to the opener is on!
There are just a few weeks until opening night of the 2017 Medora Musical, and the Burning Hills Singers and the creative team are putting in long days to prepare and perfect yet again another breath-taking show.
From dance practice, costume fittings, vocal rehearsals, script readings, and even a little PR work, the cast and crew are going “full-steam ahead” toward opening night.
Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes, while the cast was wrapping up the Minneapolis leg of rehearsals.
Fittings | Vocals | Choreography