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Like Teddy’s original Rough Riders, Annual Members move the line forward each year to make Medora better for current and future generations. 

The TRMF Annual Member program began a few years ago to bring our frequent visitors and best friends into a group that met once a year at the annual Rough Riders Roundup, talk about the future of Medora, and help support the day-to-day activities necessary to provide all our guests a great getaway experience.



My, how it’s grown! Now, 800-strong, our Annual Members add value to Medora in so many ways: […]

Harold Schafer, Legend to Legacy

Under Harold’s Hat
Originally published in Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundations 2015 summer newsletter.

Harold Schafer, Legend to Legacy
“I liked to go to musicals. When we took over the show, it was a historical play, and I think I should say I have a deeper appreciation for entertainment than historical plays.” 
– Harold Schafer
Biographer Larry Woiwode, received this answer in 1994, when asked about the beginning of the “Medora Musical.” Prior to 1965, the NDSU Theater Department and a local group had been putting on a historical drama, but crowds had dwindled to the point where the show was abandoned. 50 years later, more than three million visitors agree with Harold—they love being musically entertained under the stars in the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. […]

Four of Medora’s Favorite Elvis Songs

We’re big country music fans out here in Medora!

What with giving Cowboy Lyle his own candy store and all that boot-scoot-boogin and two-steppin that goes on after dark at the local watering holes.

As anyone who’s seen the Medora Musical would tell you, we love putting on a show!

And no one had a flair for showmanship more than our founder, Harold Schafer.


Why did you know that the featured act section of the Medora Musical is partly inspired by vaudeville acts Harold would go to see in Las Vegas.


So when we had the chance to book The King of Vegas for a one-night, intimate concert at the Old Town Hall Theater, we got “All Shook Up” and cried “Explore it. Adore it. — “Viva Las Vegas!”


Below are four songs we can’t wait to see performed by the world’s most authentic Elvis Repriser, Chris MacDonald! You can book your package for this intimate, exclusive concert at