Hard to Explain

The Medora Musical is a third of the way through the season, the 4th of July came and went, and we have lost a great friend of Medora, Cowboy Lyle Glass. This town, the shows and employees keep improving, growing, and entertaining others. Some would say it is a miracle to keep this town running however, we know that it is hard work!

Randy Hatzenbuhler explained it perfectly in the article he wrote for our newsletter…

Medora is very hard to explain. Why will hundreds of people have volunteered before our June 1 opening night of the Medora Musical? They have worked hard alongside our employees. Retired folks pulling weeds, preparing flower beds, cleaning everything, stocking stores, hauling furnishings, doing countless handyman repairs and more.

One volunteer partially answered the “why” question for me this spring while she was pulling weeds on hot spring day. She said her reward was, “When I return later this summer and I see how beautiful the town is, I feel good knowing that I was part of it.” Thank you to everyone who has, and will, volunteer in 2018!

Have you ever tried to explain to someone what it is like when they first encounter the Badlands? Have you ever tried to explain what the Medora Musical is? It is hard. That is because there are so few places like Medora, this landscape and that show. Thankfully, so many people simply say to their family and friends, “Come with us, you’ll see what we are talking about.” If you have not taken someone to the show before, I recommend it – they will think you are wonderful!

We can’t wait for you to enjoy Medora this summer. Gone is the Bunkhouse – it is hard to explain how good it feels to say that! In its place is the 364 room Elkhorn Quarters. Our team, led by Jack Marquart, Mike Beaudoin and Kinley Slauter, have worked tirelessly since last Labor Day to get the project ready for summer 2018. The Elkhorn Quarters is going to be terrific for young families – ask about the “suite” rooms that sleep 5 with a queen bed, and a bunk bed with full size on the bottom and single on top. We can’t wait for you to enjoy this facility!

Thank you, Greg Butler, for your lead gift, and to others for your generous support – the employees living there appreciate you more than you know.

The 2018 edition of the Medora Musical cast has been in Medora since early May rehearsing the 2018 edition of the Musical. I don’t go to rehearsals, but the cast does rehearse in the new Life Skills Center just down the hall from my office. So occasionally, I can’t resist and I will stand outside the rehearsal hall and listen to their voices.

The “Family” is the theme, and from the sneak peaks I have heard and seen, the show will be fittingly outstanding in this 60th anniversary of the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. Every Wednesday and Sunday, we celebrate families at the Musical with free admission for anyone age 17 and under who is attending with a parent or grandparent.

Oh my, we are going to have a great summer! You can make reservations online at medora.com, or call us at 1-800-633-6721.

Historically, Medora was a one-night visit for most people. They would arrive in time for dinner, enjoy the show, have breakfast and head home. Today, that is changing. The Gospel Brunch, A TR Salute, new children’s shows – Carl and Greta’s Cowboy-Sing-
Along and “Mistified,” Todd Oliver and His Talking Dog Irving, Wonderful Work -The Harold Schafer Story, a summer concerts series, and more programming in the TR National Park, has made Medora a multi-day stay.

Big thank you to Fred and Joyce Evans for sponsoring the Gospel Brunch and to “Energy of North Dakota,” a program of the ND Petroleum Council, for sponsoring A TR Salute.

We’ve also learned that people really like Medora in the fall and winter too. Watch for details about programming during those periods as well.

I can’t explain this either, but after 30 years, Medora is as exciting, and even more interesting, than my first year. Maybe I am able to explain it – it is because of you. You care enough about this special place to visit often, promote it enthusiastically, volunteer your time and even support it with your philanthropy. Thank you!

See you in Medora,

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