Going into the Season Finale…

As our 2015 Medora Musical comes to a close… cast, band, riders, crew, employees start to clean up and pack up. We all reflect on this year’s Musical season. It has been a record-breaking year, in so many ways! Our highest audience attendance ever! Only two rainout shows! Honorable Musical reunion guests and guest performers! And so much more…! Allow me to leave you with some fun memories of this summer’s Medora Musical. (In no particular order…)


1.     The Medora Musical Cast and Crew Alumni joined us on stage to sing “Dakota.” What a MOMENT!! (Especially for them and their loving and vivid memories) As past and present performers of the Medora Musical, you can only UNDERSTAND once you’ve done it. We are united forever with this connection.

2.     Jared “Lillis” Mason visited during the reunion and performed an amazing one-man show for the following week.

3.     Remember when Emily’s hair got caught in Nick’s guitar??!!! What a surprise for us all! (Especially Nick and Emily!)

4.     The 4th of July landed on a Saturday this summer. Our Medora “4th of July Parade” was jam-packed with guests lining the streets!

5.     The wild fires in Montana and Idaho left smoke and haze all the way here in Medora.

6.     We had more patio sets from Burning Hills Singers this summer, than any other year so far.

7.     Our dear Sheila turned 90 in May!!!! Wow!

8.     The coal diggers became a marching band on stage AND were soldiers in the Charge this summer!

9.     Bill and Emily lead the season with grace as co-hosts of the Medora Musical. Hilarious and sincere. We love you both so much.

10.  Alumni from the past 50 years of the Musical, gathered in late July to celebrate their memories and time here in Medora. It will continue to happen annually!

11.  The ladies dressing room received a new fan! Hooray for heat-show-relief!

12.  The ladies dressing room is also the keeper of the quote board. Fun BHS and band quotes for us / and by us!

13.  The Chicago Boyz return for the second consecutive season, for a second time! Medora loves the Chicago Boyz!

14.  Candice and Chet are engaged to be married this November. Kim and Chad are engaged to be married this September! Two weeks from NOW.

15.  The 7th Annual Wade Westin Music Festival was a hit this past Labor Day weekend! We love having Wade’s family in Medora: his wife Leslie, daughter Hannah, and son Wyatt.

16.  Kinley and Sarah had their second child in August! Welcome little Ava!

17.  The construction of the Life Skills building is well under way!

18.  Remember the time we honestly couldn’t fit all of the kids on the stage, because we were oversold – selling aisle seats on the steps?! Sunday September 6th. WOW!

19.  Bill, Chetty, and Ken continue to keep us guessing with their sound effects for the Mr. Bubble commercial. (I LOVE this part of the show!)

20.  I have a scar on my right shin from the Little Red Wagon on opening night. I’m pretty sure it will be with me for a few years at least!

21.  I shall miss the beautiful harmonies we get to sing during “Come Home to North Dakota” and “It’s Always North Dakota” at the end of the Musical. Being one singer in the mix of such moving and well-placed harmonies is an experience unlike any other.

22.  It has been the season of exactly 100 shows!! With Labor Day so late this year, the total is 100, no more no less.

23.  Tens of thousands of guests have submitted their time-capsule memories as they leave the amphitheater each night. Imagine the excitement in 2065, when the time capsule is reopened again after another 50 years!?!?!

Lovers of  Medora… Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.
Love always, Misti


  1. Patty LaPaglia
    September 11, 2015    

    Those are some great memories Misti! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad that I was able to be here this summer and experience a few of those memories as well. Opening night, Miss Emily’s hair getting caught. (saw it coming and was thinking “oh no he’s gonna hit her this time!” Nick had come close a few times before). If i may share a few of my favorite memories from this summer. finally getting to see all the patio sets. you making me chuckle EVERY time you had your marching band solo. 🙂 your solo in the musical “yeehaw!!”, this year’s rendition of “Medora” was the best i’ve ever heard so simple and just beautiful, the devil went down to Georgia number, the gospel section, Bill and Miss Emily’s banter always made me laugh no matter how many times i saw the show, getting to chat with roger in between patio sets, (he is hilarious! and i don’t buy his cantankerous old man persona for a second ;)), watching you almost always be the last singer to head to the dressing rooms after the show cause you were always willing to take the time to chat with audience members (especially the night the seniors from the nursing home where at the mid level and you and Bill came up there for pictures with them).
    thank you so much for another great summer in Medora. I hope you will be back next summer, but if not maybe i’ll see you in a production some where else like Chicago (i try to take in a show every time i go home) or perhaps I’lll finally take my dream trip to New York and get to see you perform there.
    Can’t wait to see the finale tomorrow. Although I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna go through withdrawals come Sunday evening.
    Take care Misti!

    PS thanks for the “hat” it’s proudly displayed on my fridge next to the “boot”.

  2. Ryan Howe
    September 11, 2015    

    My twin boys and I will be there for Saturday nights final show in the frone row cheering you guys on for our 13th time this season. Can never get enough of the freak singing and dancing. My boys love Cowboy Chet and will be waiting for next year and our season passes. Thank you all for great time and good show. The Howe Family

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