Getting to know 2018 Burning Hills Singer – Taylor Leet

2017 Burning Hills Singer Taylor Leet is back for her 2nd year as a Burning Hills Singer in the “Greatest Show in the West“!

Raised in her beautiful hometown of Bismarck, ND, Taylor followed her dreams to Chicago earning a BA in Vocal Performance/Contemporary Urban Popular from Columbia College Chicago.

At an early age, Taylor discovered her passion for music and performing. She has been fortunate to participate in musicals, special events, gospel ensembles, and worship teams.

Growing up, she attended the Medora Musical each summer and is thrilled to be a Burning Hills Singer!


We sat down with Taylor to get her take on being a North Dakotan in the Medora Musical and more!

What would you like the audience to know about what it’s like performing in the Medora Musical?

It’s a unique, fun experience! The backdrop of the badlands is gorgeous, and I love being able to perform outside. It’s always fun to see someone you know in the audience as well.  Stepping onto the stage for the first time every night, and feeding off the energy from everyone both on the stage and off is riveting. I love being a part of the show each night, and doing what brings joy to myself and others.


What’s a favorite “Medora” story of yours? 

My favorite story would have to be when a paint brush prop broke and went flying through the air across the stage. I don’t think many in the audience noticed, but it was hard to refrain from laughing on stage. It’s the occasional mishaps that keep the show interesting, and make it even more memorable.


 As a North Dakotan, what’s it mean to you to perform in the Medora Musical?

As a North Dakotan I take immense pride in being part of the Medora Musical. I’ve grown up watching it from the audience’s perspective and now I’m here on stage doing what I love every night. It’s magical! Attendees from across the country continue to say how much they’ve enjoyed the show, and how beautiful the state of North Dakota is. I’m blessed to be a part of such a great show!


You can see the rest of the 2018 Medora Musical Cast here.

Tickets for the Medora Musical go on sale April 23 online at

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