Get to Know Your TRMFamily

Meet Annual Personal Members, Char and Duey Marthaller

With over 1,200 Annual Personal and Business Members, the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is a large family. So large that many of you may have never met another Annual Member.

As a “family that values family”, we can’t let this stand! Which is why we invite you to sit down and get to know Char and Duey Marthaller of Mandan, ND.

Besides being Annual Members since 2012, Char and Duey have shared their wood working talents on a number of Medora projects. Most recently they refurbished the Sheila Schafer Wishing Well in 2017 (pictured above).

Their passion for Medora inspires our staff of over 350 each and every summer. Get to know this wonderful couple below.

What do you want your kids to know about Medora?

We want our kids to know the history of Medora. We want then to know that Medora was founded by hard work and is successful because of generations of hardworking dedicated people. Our kids and grandkids are inspired when they hear the stories of people of the past and present that have created Medora. 

Why do you support Medora financially & with your talents?

We talk about the pleasant, peaceful feeling we get when approaching Medora and go down the hill into town. We feel a desire to be a part of this place by helping where ever we can. Prior to retiring, we saw the volunteers working in Medora and we were always impressed with how dedicated and pleasant the staff was. Medora is a place that blends natural beauty of the landscape, wildlife, music, family values, and support of patriotism and religion.

How would you describe Medora to someone who has never been?

Medora is a peaceful place where you will feel relaxed and welcome.  You can experience natural beauty; enjoy first-class musical entertainment and shopping; attend historical and geological educational presentations; and learn about western lifestyle.

How you hope to see Medora grow?

We would like to see Medora grow while maintaining the values on which it was founded.  Medora has so much to offer young families, so we should work to keep that experience affordable. We believe the Foundation is doing this and we are proud to be a very small part of it.

If you’d like to join Char and Duey as members of the TRMFamily, you can do so here. If you’d like to share your Medora story with us and the rest of the TRMFamily, email Annual Giving Director, Daniel Gannarelli at

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