Flashback: A peek into our book, Medora Musical: The First 50 Years

This Coffee Table Book Makes

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This past summer, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Medora Musical, which first showed — wooden plank seating, dirt floors and all — on July 1, 1965. It was a great season with so many favorites that took us down memory lane.

But the super fun flashbacks don’t have to end there; in the fan-favorite coffee table book, MEDORA MUSICAL: THE FIRST 50 YEARS, you can take a stroll through all of the years since the show’s beginning — with large photos, play bills, and commentary from the pioneers of our show to bring you right back to the very first day in the seats of the Medora Musical.

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To wet your appetite, here’s a little preview from 1974!

1974 was a fantastic year for the Medora Musical. The cast was great and the Variety Acts spectacular. Here’s a tiny flashback to the year that was, 1974!

1974 (2)

1974’s Musical was hosted by Ernie Mclean and Sean “Johnny” O’Neill, and starred Margaret Gann as the Geatured Singer!

The Burning Hills Singers were Charles Calow, Carol Feigel, Steve Friedlein, Jill Horsewell, Karen Luchsinger, Barbara Molthen, Steven Nycklemoe, Cindy Rosendahl, Bob Stone, and Ed Warble.


That year’s Musical showed every evening, June 28 – September 1. It was produced by Fred Smith and directed by Ernie Mclean and Johnny O’Neill. There were five Variety Acts, including…

Victor Julian & His Little Stars!


It was an incredible year, in a long line of incredible year’s.


To find more great photos and facts  like these, buy the book, Medora Musical: The First Fifty Years.