First Ever Bully Spirit Award

A new, elite award given to those who encompass Bully Spirit

(Medora, ND) – The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is excited to announce that we awarded our first ever recipient of the distinguished Bully Spirit Award to Rolf Sletten.

Rolf has been involved with Harold Schafer and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation since before its founding in 1986. He is an expert volunteer, Medora’s right-hand man, and a superlative ambassador for our vibrant tourist town. Rolf is a remarkable author and historian of Medora and Theodore Roosevelt, the topics of his two most prevalent books; Medora – Boom, Bust, and Resurrection and Roosevelt’s Ranches both of which he donated to the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. Not to mention, he is the most polite, gracious, and friendlies cowboy around.

Randy Hatzenbuhler, President; Rolf Sletten, Recipient; Ed Schafer, Board Chairman

Chairman, Ed Schafer presented this new distinguished honor at our 2018 Rough Riders Roundup event, an event hosted for annual members who are at the base of all development projects and preservation in Medora.


Chairman Schafer said of Rolf,


“When the Development Committee recommended Rolf to the Board for this award they pointed out he is a volunteer extraordinaire. If something needs to be done in this community, Rolf has his hammer and saw at the ready.”


He continued on to say,


“Rolf Sletten has shaped the culture and future of Medora by helping us discover the history that created the Bully Spirit that runs through the veins of those who have the blessing of spending time in the North Dakota Badlands.”

Read the rest of Ed Schafers Remarks about Rolf at this link.

Rolf Sletten was an obvious choice to be the first recipient of our Bully Spirit Award because of his passion for Medora and his evergrowing relationship with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. Rolf will set the bar for recipients to follow him, watch Rolf’s acceptance speech here.




About the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) is a public non-profit organization that was formed in 1986 by a multi-million dollar gift from Harold Schafer and his family – most famously known as the founders of the Gold Seal Company, the maker of Mr. Bubble, Glass Wax and other nationally-known household products.

For Harold, the beauty and history of Medora and the Badlands was just too much to let disappear with the sands of time – so he made it his life’s work to save it for generations to come. He began his labor of love in 1962, revitalized what we know today as the Medora Musical in 1965. Harold continued giving to the historic cow town frequented by Theodore Roosevelt, the Marquis de Mores, and many-a rough-and-tumble westerner until his passing in 2001.

Today, we at TRMF strive to accomplish its mission to preserve, present, and serve all that Harold loved about Medora by operating history, education, entertainment businesses that allow the traveling public to fully enjoy the beautiful North Dakota Badlands.

Through the contributions and teamwork of a board of directors, a full-time staff of 45, over 300 seasonal employees, more than 500 seasonal volunteers, and financial backing from generous supporters, TRMF connects people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences.

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