Emily Wolter- My First Day as a Medora Intern

Hi! My name is Emily Wolter,

and I’m the Marketing Intern with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. I know what some of you are thinking, “Do you mean, Emily Walter? The Emily Walter?”

No. Alas, I am not the “Queen of the West,” but I did spend my first day in Medora being introduced to many people — all of whom went through a series of confusion, shock, and amusement when they heard my name.

My first day in Medora was a busy one. I met more people than I could ever count and visited more places than I can keep track of. But what stood out to me about all the people — at all the places — was that every single one of them welcomed me with open arms–literally.


I think I spent two minutes being hugged by a lady I had only met thirty seconds prior to that moment.


The number of times I was told that if I ever need anything I only have to ask was awe-inspiring.


I was able to visit so many places and at every one of them were people passionate and excited about Medora. 


Meeting new friends throughout the day!

I also visited the beautiful and historic Rough Riders Hotel and was able to see their amazing library of books.

Rough Riders is a book connoisseur’s Heaven!

I explored the history of the Maltese Cross Cabin where Theodore Roosevelt lived and ranched.

Experiencing a little bit of TR history at the Maltese Cross Cabin!

And of course, made some time to take a picture next to the photo of the legendary “Queen of the West,” Emily Walter!

Emily Wolter or Emily Walter?

Through it all, I kept thinking it would have to end.

I thought eventually I would run out of things to see or people to meet, but it didn’t happen. There was never anyone who wasn’t interested in dropping what they were doing to welcome me to the family.  Every place I went, I was more stunned by the beautiful landscape and community this small town in North Dakota has to offer.

The greatest part of it all is that I don’t see that changing. I am so excited to spend my summer in Medora and share my experience of this wonderful place with you through this blog.


Until next time!

Love and happiness from Medora,

Emily Wolter

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