Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trail Update: 1-10-14


Most of the trails are good to fair. The staff is continue to work on maintenance and grooming to make the trails enjoyable for you. Your best ski and snowshoe experience would be found toward the northern end of the trail system. The trail conditions as of 1-10-14 are as follows:


Ash, Butte and Cedar are good to fair.

Lil Mo and Prairie are poor, but still navigable and enjoyable.

Cottonwood is closed due to lack of snow.

A map of the cross country ski trials can be found on our website.

As a reminder, these trails are open to anyone and everyone, free of charge. The only request we make is for skiers to stay on designated and groomed trails.  The paths created are for the safety and operation of both staff and skier.  We also have areas where we do not want people during the winter season.  So please do not blaze your own trails.  Again, travel at your own risk, and keep to maintained trails please.  We will update the blog each time there has been a snow or new grooming event.

So come on out to Medora and enjoy a season most forget about here in the badlands.  There is a quiet serenity to the landscape, there is always a good chance to see some local wildlife, and don’t forget to stop by the other local business in Medora for some shopping, dining and entertainment.  There are rooms for rent in town, so make it a weekend!

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