Conserving the Legacy of Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt in Medora

No bully about it – September is everything Teddy Roosevelt in Medora

(MEDORA, ND) – Theodore Roosevelt first stepped off the train into Dakota territory on September 8, 1883, and exactly 136 years later Teddy will take over the town again in September.

Theodore Roosevelt, Medora, 1883

Joe Wiegand, the world’s best Theodore Roosevelt repriser, will bring the 26th president to life in a rousing presentation of A Teddy Roosevelt Salute to Medora.

His show will take you into the wilderness of the Badlands on his first bison hunt and on a chase of boat thieves down the Little Missouri River. Joe’s TR will tell the thrilling story of the Mingusville bully and give you the sense that you are hearing stories told from the front porch of his Elkhorn Ranch, which some call the “Cradle of Conservation.”

Joe Wiegand portrays Teddy Roosevelt

Joe Wiegand’s brilliant portrayal of TR captivates audiences and is always a little different with every performance. 

“Performing as Theodore Roosevelt is great fun. Doing so in Medora in September, the month when TR first arrived and hunted here in these Beautiful Badlands, is a high honor.”

Joe Wiegand

Joe’s rousing take on living history will play at 7:30pm MDT at the Old Town Hall Theater on select evenings throughout the month. (See below for a complete listing.)

Dinner and a show is distinctly Medora. Head out before the show and enjoy dinner at Theodore’s Dining Room, Medora’s fine dining experience. Theodore’s is a unique and modern culinary experience with all the character of the old west. Located inside the Rough Riders Hotel, Theodore’s takes you back to historic Medora.

Theodore's Dining at the Rough Riders Hotel

Theodore Roosevelt’s history goes deeper than that. Spend a night at the Rough Riders Hotel and immerse yourself in one of the largest private (yet available to read) library of books on, and by, Theodore Roosevelt. You can also stay in the historic section of the hotel where it is rumored the President himself may have delivered a speech from the balcony.

Adventure like Teddy in the great outdoors. Take a drive through the only national park named for a person, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is open year-round and is home to Teddy’s original Maltese Cross Cabin. Spend some time golfing at Bully Pulpit, a term coined by TR during his presidency, and now known as one of the nation’s top public golf courses.

Medora isn’t slowing down in September. With entertainment, fine dining, luxury accommodations, and endless adventure the history of Theodore Roosevelt is keeping Medora as lively as ever.

A Teddy Roosevelt Salute to Medora will play on the following dates:
– September 9 
– September 10
– September 11
– September 12
– September 15
– September 16
– September 17
– September 18
– September 20
– September 21
– September 22
– September 24
– September 25
– September 26
– September 27
– September 28

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