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Season Passes are on Sale Now!

Season Passes are on Sale Now!


The auditions are in the books. The hosts, cast, band, and featured variety acts have all been picked. Your 2014 Medora Musical is closer than ever and we can’t wait to see you out here! Now I can’t give you all the details (We have to keep them a surprise for just a little longer), but what I can say is that this years Musical is setting up to be one of the best ever! Season tickets are on sale now and you can click here to buy your Season Pass! As always the cast is A+ and the three variety acts are sure to delight. Keep your eyes and ears open, as more announcements will be coming soon.

Fees Waived for President’s Day Weekend

Fees Waived for President’s Day Weekend

Theodore Roosevelt National Park to Waive Fees for President’s Day Weekend

 To celebrate Presidents Day weekend, Theodore Roosevelt National Park will waive entrance and camping fees February 15-17.

“We invite everyone to follow Theodore Roosevelt’s example and enjoy the outdoors by visiting the park this weekend,” said Superintendent Valerie Naylor. “As Roosevelt said, ‘It is an incalculable added pleasure to any one’s sum of happiness if he or she grows to know, even slightly and imperfectly, how to read and enjoy the wonder-book of nature.’” READ MORE »

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trail Update: 1-16-14

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trail Update: 1-16-14

After the unusually mild temps and extremely high winds, our snow packed surfaces have degraded to an almost non-existent amount.  Currently, we can no longer groom them for cross-country skiing until we receive further snowfall. Feel free to still walk or snowshoe the trail system if you want, but exercise caution.  The current conditions could actually damage skis as the jagged ice and intermittent exposed ground are prevalent, so ski at your own discretion.

Ash, Butte, Cedar, Lil Mo, Prairie and Cottonwood are all in very poor condition.

A map of the cross country ski trials can be found on our website.


Josh Duhamel’s Best “Bully!”

Josh Duhamel’s Best “Bully!”


President Theodore Roosevelt is as excited as everyone else about Josh Duhamel’s naming as the “voice of North Dakota Tourism” and he wanted to telephone Josh to say “job well done.”



It’s official: Josh Duhamel is the voice of North Dakota Tourism’s new advertising campaign. In Medora, we couldn’t be more excited for Josh to represent the state — and we hope to see him in Medora again this summer, too! “Bully!”

Josh even recorded a greeting for viewers of the campaign, with his own rendition of Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite phrase, “Bully!”

Josh enjoys a cup o’ Joe at Theodore’s Dining Room in Medora. Do you?

Josh Duhamel at Theodore's


Looking for more Medora? Check out 13 Gorgeous Places to Visit Around Medora.


Experience the best of North Dakota’s National Park, enjoy world-class entertainment, and explore the history of our great state. We’ll have the best deals, just for you:

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Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trail Update: 12-26-13

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trail Update: 12-26-13

New snow came on the 19th! The Bully Pulpit Trails and the Medora area received 5 inches of new soft snow. While the snow fell, we were hard at work in the cat packing the base for a smooth trail; the additional snow that fell during the day made for some very good conditions on the trail system. All trails were groomed the morning of the 20th, and the updates have been made to the conditions signage at the trailhead.

Where snow conditions were poor, they have now improved to fair for skiers and snowshoers. The Cottonwood and Lil Mo trail are in fair condition with some vegetation poking through the base, but very navigable. The other four trails – Cedar, Butte, Ash, and Prairie – are all in good condition and ready for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the new snow and the rest of the holiday season! We’ll see you on the trail.


See the trail map.

See a full list of Medora business holiday hours here.

The full trail descriptions are found in this previous blog.

The winter badlands are waiting for you.

The winter badlands are waiting for you.


13 Things to Adore in Medora During the off Season

13 Things to Adore in Medora During the off Season

Many people wonder what there is to do in Medora during the fall and winter, once the “Greatest Show in the West” has wrapped for the season. Well, wonder no more! Medora is full of great little finds for you to enjoy once the Musical season has come to an end.

Here are just 13 of our favorites!

1. Explore the beautiful Badlands on the Maah Daah Hey Trail or Buffalo Gap Trail, or take in the over 46,000 acres of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit, where you’ll find sights and outdoor experiences hard pressed to be replicated anywhere else in the world.

2.  If you like to golf, Bully Pulpit Golf Course is in prime condition and will be open until October 27th.Bully Pulpit Golf Course

3. Take a stroll down the streets of Medora! Although some of the shops are closed for the season, there are a quite a few gems that stay open year round such as the Western Edge Book Store, The Home Merchant, and The White House, The Rough Rider Gift Shop, and many more. Check out all of the seasonal business hours here.

4. Stop at Hidden Springs Java and grab a cup of coffee or an apple cider to stay warm as you walk around Historic Medora!

5. Take a break for a delicious lunch at the Elkhorn Café. We recommend a cheeseburger deluxe, onion rings, and a piece of pie!

6. If you are looking to really relax while you are here, visit Cedar Canyon Spa! They offer many wonderful treatments ranging from aromatherapy baths to relaxing massages.

theodoresTableSet275x1907. Enjoy a fabulous meal at Theodore’s dining room which is open until October 26th. 

8. Have a night out on the town with dinner at the Little Missouri Saloon or Boots Bar and Grill which are both open year round!

9. Spend the night in the luxurious and historic Rough Riders Hotel. While you’re here, catch up on a good book it in front of the wonderful fireplace located in the lobby.

10. Learn about the Marquis de Mores and his beautiful wife Medora at the Chateau de Mores Interpretive Center.

11. Discover the wonderful history of Medora and the surrounding areas at the Billings County Museum.

12. Have a company or family Christmas Party in Medora for your special group! Joslyn, our very talented Group Sales Director,  is here to help! Give her a call at 623.4444. ext. 8828

13. Visit Medora on December 6th, 7th and 8th for Medora’s Old-Fashioned Cowboy Christmas. Family-fun activities, musical entertainment, beer and wine sampling, and a wide array of dining opportunities await you during this old-fashioned holiday celebration!

So as you can see, even though the Medora Musical season has concluded, Medora is still a great place to explore any time of year!

For fully updated days and hours of operation of Medora businesses, you can also visit the Medora CVB website.

(editor’s note: as of 10/16, we are happy to say that the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is once again reopen for visitors to enjoy the fall season.)

 Christmas in Medora

13 Things You Didn’t Know about the Rough Riders Hotel & Theodore’s Dining Room

13 Things You Didn’t Know about the Rough Riders Hotel & Theodore’s Dining Room

The Medora Musical season has officially ended but that doesn’t mean that we go into hibernation for the winter — far from it in fact! There are many things to see and do in and around Medora in the off season. The Historic Rough Riders Hotel, which is open year round and Theodore’s dining room are two of our favorites.  

Here are 13 things that you didn’t know about the Rough Riders Hotel and Theodore’s Dining Room.

Harold walking away from Rough Rider Hotel

1. The Rough Riders Hotel was originally named the Metropolitan Hotel when it was built in 1884.

2. The Metropolitan (now Rough Riders Hotel) was built by George Fitzgerald as an exact copy of the Merrill House Hotel in Glendive, Montana Territory.

3.  In 1905, the Rough Riders Hotel was named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt and the local cowboys who had served under him during the Spanish-American War.

4.  Harold Schafer purchased the hotel in 1962; he then dismantled the old structure and rebuilt it using as much of the original lumber as possible to restore the hotel rather than recreate it.

5. In 2010 the Rough Riders Hotel underwent a major renovation, including the addition of Theodore’s Dining Room, TR’s Taver, 68 new guest rooms, a tower suite and a full conference center facility.

6. The fireplace in Medora’s cozy and relaxed fine dining restaurant, Theodore’s Dining Room, is constructed of bricks that Harold Schafer saved from the original North Dakota State Capital after it burned in 1930.

7. Theodore Roosevelt gave a speech off of the balcony that still is attached to the front of the Rough Riders Hotel.

8. The three most popular dishes in Theodore’s Dining Room are the Slow Roasted Prime Rib, the delicious Canadian Walleye, and the Braised Buffalo Osso Bucco. We recommend sampling them all — as well as the Lamb Chops, and and the Vanilla Brined Pork Chop, and the Lobster Bisque, and … well, its all so delicious you’ll have to try the whole menu to decide your favorite!


9. The large stained glass windows that are now in Theodore’s Dining Room and TR’s Tavern are from The Church of the Redeemer, an Episcopal Church, in Superior, Wisconsin. The windows were installed in the church in 1891. In 1960, the windows were removed and their religious center circles were replaced. The windows were a gift to the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

10. The tiles that you see through out the bathrooms in the Rough Riders Hotel have three different brands on them. These brands were Theodore Roosevelt’s, the Elkhorn, the Maltese Cross, and the Triangle.

11. There are 76 historical plaques throughout the Rough Riders Hotel, one in each room. They all tell a different story about Historic Medora and all of the famous cowboys and cowgirls who have once called Medora home.

12. The Rough Riders Hotel lobby houses the Wilkinson Roosevelt Library which consists of 1,100 volumes of Theodore Roosevelt works and western lore. The library was donated in August of 1955 by James Wilkinson, a Los Angeles teacher and film writer who lived his early years in Trenton and Fargo, ND.

13. The Rough Riders Hotel is open year round in Medora! You can call to make lodging reservations at 1-800-MEDORA-1.

Learn more about the Rough Riders Hotel, Theodore’s Dining Room, and Historic Medora at

Rough Riders Hotel

Congratulations Lynn Jorda!

Congratulations Lynn Jorda!

Yee-Haw! We are happy to announce the winner of the “Dinner and a Show with President Theodore Roosevelt Contest” is Lynn Jorda from Dickinson, North Dakota!

Lynn, Presient Roosevelt is looking forward to spending an evening of fun with you and a lucky guest!

Congratulations from everyone at the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.


Follow Medora ND on Facebook for more chances to win.

Visit for more information.



13 Gorgeous Places to Visit Around Medora

13 Gorgeous Places to Visit Around Medora

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park scenic drive: Surely our 26th President would be proud of his namesake.  He loved the badlands and advocated the protection of our natural wonders.  Come drive a loop in the park, and you’re sure to fall in love with the North Dakota badlands, just as Roosevelt did so long ago.  You’ll be able to step back and imagine the scenes that may have greeted him when he first came, complete with wild horses, buffalo, and prairie dog villages.  Just be sure to drive slowly around the buffalo!

2. Wind Canyon at Sunset: Take a short, ten-minute hike off the loop in Theodore Roosevelt National Park to experience a truly beautiful sunset.  It’s a great way to end a day of fun and adventure in and around Medora. Don’t forget your cameras! The scene is truly breathtaking.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

3. Buck Hill at Sunrise: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise!  If you’ve been reading your Poor Richard’s Almanack and missed the sunset in Wind Canyon, there is still a beautiful view for you.  Buck Hill is the perfect place to catch a sunrise!

4. Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch is now encompassed by Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It’s an amazing portion of the park, and surrounded by natural beauty.  Once you drink in the visual aspects of T.R.’s old property, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature, free from the noises of modern hustle and bustle.  You won’t be disappointed!

5. We in Medora are proud of the Bully Pulpit Golf Course! It features some of the best golfing in the west and was even ranked one of America’s 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses. The scenery is truly breathtaking – especially for our 3 signature holes: Peaceful Valley, Bully Pulpit, and Perched Rock!


6. Painted Canyon Overlook: One of the best views of the North Dakota Badlands!  Take a short detour off of the interstate, and you’ll glimpse the buttes, scoria, and natural beauty of the area. You might even see a wild horse or two!

7. The Chateau de Morès: The Marquis and Marquise certainly knew where to build their Chateau. Their view of Medora was unrivaled. Come see Medora from the vantage point of her founder!

8. Medora is surrounded by marvelous buttes, and a good, strenuous hike is just the sort of thing Roosevelt would enjoy. Come hike one of those buttes to get a new perspective on Medora.

9. On your way to the Medora Musical?  Take a right off the path and you’ll get to Medora’s cemetery.  It’s a peaceful resting spot for many Medora residents, and offers another great scenic view for those who visit.  The view from the flagpoles is a sight to behold!

10. Tjaden Terrace Overlook: After or during the Pitchfork Steak Fondue, be sure to take advantage of the view before going to the Medora Musical.

11. There’s no more authentic way to explore the Badlands than on the back of a horse across a primitive trail.  For a truly western experience, come on a guided tour of the badlands on the Medora Riding Stables Trail Rides!

12. Burning Hills Amphitheatre – What better venue to experience the Greatest Show in the West? The Burning Hills Amphitheatre is nestled into the beautiful badlands that captivated the Marquis de Morès and Theodore Roosevelt.  The scenic view lends itself to the Medora Musical, both as a backdrop and as a part of the set.

2013 Burning Hills Singers

13. Come enjoy North Dakota’s State Scenic River, the Little Missouri River! It’s the perfect place to bring a kayak and soak in the sun and a little scenery at the same time.  As Queen of the West Emily Walter would say, “Unpredictable, primitive, and panoramic, the Little Mo passes through all three units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The river characterizes North Dakota’s adventurous spirit, and is a great spot for us to gather awhile!”


For more information on Medora:

Visit us at

or Call 1-800-MEDORA-1 [1-800-633-6721]


Medora Nightlife

Medora Nightlife

Medora is a swingin’ town.  During the day, you can go on trail rides and buggy rides, visit the museums, or enjoy the Family Fun Center. You can hike, go mini golfing, or enjoy the different day shows.  One would think that things slow down toward the evening; but the fun really kicks up in Medora when the sky starts to dim. READ MORE »