Cast Blog: Becoming a Burning Hills Singer with Misti Koop part 3



This is Burning Hills Singer Misti Koop’s last “Behind the Scenes” blog of the season.

My friend Marcus, the Medora Musical Drummer of eight years, told me this. “Misti, each year is different. You can’t predict how, but each season has a different flow and energy. You just have to enjoy whatever you like about it each year!” You know what Marc, you are exactly correct. This being my second year as part of the Medora Musical, people ask, “which year has been your favorite?” I can’t even answer that. Each year is wonderful and special and un-comparable. I can share some favorite highlights of the season though!

*I love starting the show in BLUE! Our opening costumes look so sharp, I feel.10446173_10152566634150396_2691345161749841091_o

*I love starting the show with a secret handshake/hug with my buddy, Damo.

*I’ve never had to ‘laugh’ on stage so much in a show before!… at Bill’s decorations, at Bill’s entrance “Charlie Horse,” at Bill’s Willie Nelson interruption/impression, at Bill’s Sheriff Bear jokes, at Gerry’s mullet entourage, at Damon’s “Golden Hair” line to Delanie, and at the entrance of magically-appearing, out of the box, Medora Cloggers!

*I love choosing a “face” to share with the audience when the clogger box opens!

*I love gazing at my dear castmates from atop the barrel, as they sing “Dakota” in front of me.

*I love the laughter, tricks of the trade and stories we share nightly in the girls’ dressing room.

*I love singing to familiar faces in the audience that love us with their entire being.

*I love setting the brake for Wade Westin’s cut-out wagon, imagining how special it must’ve been to know him.

*I love my high-five to Bill every night.

*I love my wave to Emily in the Bubble Car each night.

*I love singling out audience members each night, telling them with my eyes that “they were born to fly.”

*I love holding Kevin’s hand in “Blue Shadows.”

*I love dedicating “Meet Me In Montana” to someone new each night! Kevin’s idea.

*I love making the girls laugh before we enter on the stage coach.

*I love winking at Bill in the Finale.

*I love giving Sheriff Bear a hug each night and being twirled by him!

*I love singing beautiful dissonant harmony with Abby’s solo line in the Finale!

*I love closing my eyes during John’s entrance money-note in the Finale!

*I love looking into Emily’s eyes from the side, during the beginning of the Finale, seeing how much she truly means what she sings.

*I love painting the moonlight through the trees to Kevin.

*I love driving my big truck next to Chet’s in “Eastbound”! The faces he makes are spontaneous and priceless!

*I love waltzing with Damon. We have a full dialogue and story during it.

*I love smiling at each Coal Digger band member… exchanging smiles, knowing we are all such a part of this team!

*I love driving the cast van.

*I love our crew and riders and front of house… knowing how dedicated they are to the show too!

*I love singing “Friends in Low Places” next to Carolyn!

*I love saluting the veterans as Bill leads the kids to do so.

*I love holding the little hands of kids who join us on stage. They are so small and so powerful.

*I love dancing “Cowboy Cassanova” with inner-fire, just as Lexie taught us at 9-months-pregnant.

*I love the ending ‘hit’ of the gospel! “Just Like John-on-on” HIT HIT (with tambourines, down – up)_DSC0570

*I love knowing Sheila is in the audience. It fills me with something bigger than myself. We, this show, this whole town, means everything to her. How dare we do anything less than “our all!”

*I love warm-ups with Candice and the cast.

I know I could LIST moments I LOVE for a very long time. I guess, I simply LOVE being a part of the Medora Musical. The overall affect is bigger than all of us. I know I am forever changed because of my time in Medora. With love to this year… 2014, 50th Edition. Love, Misti.


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