Bully Pulpit. Golf Course and…TV Star?

Bully Pulpit Golf Course

Bully Pulpit  made its first TV appearance this year in the new North Dakota Tourism ad campaign-and it tells a great story. After I watched it, I got to thinking about golf stories and how everybody has one.

But before I show you the video, here’s one of my favorite golf stories.

It goes back to may 15th, 2005. I was fifteen and in my sophomore year of high school. My dad and I were playing a mid-afternoon round at a golf course in Minot. Like many of you, my father got me started in golf and I always cherish rounds with him, even though at this time I hadn’t beaten him. Although I had come close many times, victory had eluded me because his trash talking always got into my head.

On the way to the course I vowed to myself that today would be different. “You’re going down today, dad!” I said. “Whatever choke artiest”, he spat back. So we’re on the first tee and I let him know I’m going first. “Step aside pops, the big dog is hungry and it’s time to eat:”. I step up with my driver in hand, give a mighty lash at the ball and look on in horror as I watch my ball fly long and high until it came crashing into the trees by a tee box. I walk past my dad, who’s all smiles at this point, and plot how I’m going to break my golf ball out of its piney prison. He pipes one right down the fairway and we’re off.

Fast forward to the 18th hole and I’m two down with one to play. I’m going for a 30 foot birdie and my dad has 10 feet for par. I line up my putt, channeling my inner Tiger. “This is going in”, I tell myself as I address the ball.

Click! The ball is slaloming its way towards the hole- 20 feet, maybe? 10 feet, come on. 5 feet, get in there! 1 foot, turn! Yes! It’s in the hole!

Now , I’m not out of the woods yet, my dad still has 10 feet for par and he’s been deadly with the flat stick all day. He strokes the ball as I hold my breath. The ball rolls half an inch to the left edge of the cup and I can finally exhale. Mission complete! I beat my dad and broke par in the process for the first time.

That’s my golf story and I’d love to hear yours, so either post them in the comments section below or talk to us on Facebook. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you at the Bully Pulpit this season!.

Anyway, here’s the North Dakota Tourism golf ad, featuring Medora’s Bully Pulpit Golf Course, that got us revved up for summer tee times. Enjoy!


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About the Author, Daniel Gannarelli:

Daniel Gannarelli lives and works in Medora, North Dakota. A native of Rugby, ND, he is a recent graduate of the University of North Dakota and a long time golfer. He’s played at high school, collegiate, and amateur levels – now he just gets to do it with a better view at Bully Pulpit Golf Course!

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