Bison Roundup Set to Begin at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

MEDORA, ND – A bison roundup is scheduled for the week of October 16 at the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

For safety reasons, this operation will be closed ot the public, but media are invited to cover the story. Most of the roundup will take place October 17 through 19. The best photographic opportunities will likely be on October 18 and 19. In order to ensure human and animal safety, media representatives must be escorted while at the site. It is recommended that you call the park at 701-623-4466 after 8:00 a.m. MDT on the day you plan to attend the roundup before leaving your office to ensure the operation has not been postponed or changed due to weather or other issues.

The park plans to remove approximately 100 yearling and two-year-old bison of both sexes from the current herd of about 350 animals. Recipients of live surplus animals for this year’s roundup will be determined by the Inter Tribal Buffalo Council.

What: Bison Roundup

Where: Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit, 15 miles  south of Watford City on Hwy. 85. Obtain directions to the Wildlife Handling Facility at the Contact Station at the park entrance.

When: October 16 – 18, 2014

Images: Helicopter herding of bison and park staff working bison through the handling facility. The helicopter will occasionally land at the staging area, but will be off in the distance for much of the day.

Interviews: Park staff, depending upon workloads and availability.

Contact: Eileen Andes, 701-623-4466,

Bill Whitworth, 701-623-4466,


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