Behind the Scenes of the Medora Musical – Stage Design

Quick! When does the 50th Anniversary Season of the Medora Musical start? Many of you would say June 5 – and you’d be right. But ask Erica Zaffarano, the Medora Musical Set Designer, and she’ll give you a much earlier date.

“We start consulting with the Foundation in the first week of January. Once we get on site, roughly by the end of May, we usually stay till three or four days after opening night of the Musical.”

Our Stage Crew is amazing. See them in action, in the photos below.


DSC01478 DSC01484 DSC01486 DSC01497 DSC01499 DSC01502 DSC01509 DSC01513 DSC01514 DSC01517 DSC01519 zZxi0 DSC01472 DSC01473 DSC01477


  1. Theresa Gruenberg
    June 18, 2015    

    I have been waiting for a response to my first message asking how I might order the new book Medora Musical: The First Fifty Years.

  2. Theresa, you can purchase the book at the Medora Musical Welcome Center or on our online store, located here:

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