Behind the Scenes of the Medora Musical–Photo shoot

With the summer season right around the corner, everyone here in Medora is working tirelessly to prepare our favorite people in the world… you, our guests!

And this is especially true for the Medora Musical Cast! Why, just yesterday they had an afternoon photo shoot. Take a look!

The Medora Musical Cast welcomes you!

Alyssa is always ready with the perfect pose!

With a skip in their steps, these two are ready for the show!

Photographing the photographer photographing a family

Christie is poised and ready for action!

Sometimes behind the scenes is a great place for reflection, as Ken shows us here.

North Dakota’s very own Damon Fichter, Misti Koop, and Taylor Leet show some young fans how to reach high for big dreams!

It’s all smiles when the music begins!

The cast is on point and is excited to show you what they got!

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