Behind the scenes: 2017 Medora Musical Rehearsals

Rehearsals are in full effect — the countdown to the opener is on!

There are just a few weeks until opening night of the 2017 Medora Musical, and the Burning Hills Singers and the creative team are putting in long days to prepare and perfect yet again another breath-taking show.
From dance practice, costume fittings, vocal rehearsals, script readings, and even a little PR work, the cast and crew are going “full-steam ahead” toward opening night.
Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes, while the cast was wrapping up the Minneapolis leg of rehearsals.

Fittings | Vocals | Choreography

Matthew Stairs is all smiles as he gets fitted for his first year in Medora.

Costuming has arrived! Here are a few shirts for the guys, still in the box before fittings.

Dance Captain and Veteran of the Medora Musical, Candice Lively-Wollan, guiding newcomer, Jake Rura, through his first day of choreography.

The combination of modern & classic hits has always been a staple in the Medora Musical.

Christie Robinson airs it out. We’d say this new cast member is catching on to a classic Medora Musical dance move quickly!


He’s back! Klayton Hinshaw returns to the stage for the first time since 2016. Hinshaw is our favorite adopted-ND’er, after first performing in Medora while studying at Dickinson State University!

A fan-favorite and co-host/sidekick in this year’s show, Ken Quiricone, works on choreography just in front of Grand Forks gal, Misti Koop. Check out Misti’s kid’s program many morning in Medora: Mistified: How to Become a Burning Hills Singer!

The hometown hero out of Dickinson, ND, Damon Fichter, gets fitted for his fourth consecutive year as a Burning Hills Singer. We’re digging the black, blue and gold costuming!

Music Director, Sandy Tipping, leads members of the cast through one of the many vocal portions of rehearsals.

Fargo native, Alyssa Scott, in her first year with the Burning Hill Signers, listens closely during vocal practice.

Its “Candy’s cafe!” Some pieces of the set start out as tiny pieces of paper like this!

Fishers, Indiana-native, Jake Rura, looks upon the rest of the cast as one of the “dance in boots” sessions gets underway. Excitement, and maybe a little bit of nerves, grow as opening night gets closer. June 2 is opener, in case you’d like to come see us! 😉

Looking to make their first season a great one, Dustin LaFleur & Taylor Leet, are working hard to perfect the triple threat — Sing | Dance | Act — with choreographer and assistant director, Lexi Wollan-Swenson.

Many, many hours of rehearsal go into breaking down each and every vocal piece of the show, before the final product hits the stage and combines with dance, narration, costume changes, live horses, scripting, and parts of the show that involve the kids (our favorite part) in the show.

Thanks for reading! Tickets for this year’s Medora Musical are on sale now. There isn’t a bad seat in the house, but the best ones go first — so pick your seats and get your tickets now at

See you JUNE 2 or any night, all summer long!


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