Cast Blog: Becoming a Burning Hills Singer with Delanie Wiedrich

This blog was written by Burning Hill Singer Delanie Wiedich. It is her first blog in a series of blogs from North Dakota Burning Hills Singers.

delanie wiedrich - 2014 Burning Hills Singer

It is a beautiful May morning when I wake up in a hotel bed in Plymouth, Minnesota. I lay there for just a moment, trying to wrap my head around what is happening.

Within the past 24 hours my world has been flipped upside down; I have turned 18, left my hometown, said goodbye to my friends and family, not quite completed high school, and am starting my first professional job as a Burning Hills Singer in the Medora Musical. Panic is about to set in when I rip myself from the comfort of my bed and dress myself for the day.

Never have I been so worried about what to wear! I call my new friend and coworker, Damon, and ask what he is wearing. We both decide on jeans and a T-shirt, and to pack extra clothes that are more appropriate for dancing.

I am in awe of Chet and Candice, who were always some of my favorite performers over the years.

At 8:00 we leave our rooms and jump into a white van filled with unfamiliar faces and we zoom off to the rehearsal space.

Once we arrive, I find my seat among the twelve in front of the piano. Everyone talks among themselves, but I sit in silence as I take in these faces I have seen so many times, but from so far away. I recognize Kevin, the blonde man with the strikingly sweet smile, almost immediately. The little blonde soprano to my right I recognize from 2012 and I am in awe of Chet and Candice, who were always some of my favorite performers over the years.


We quickly introduce ourselves then get to work. The process of putting the music together is much like a puzzle, with each vocal part being its own piece in creating an entire project. We plunk out each note, and then piece it together creating tight harmonies with a beautiful and unique blend.

It isn’t until after lunch, when we start to learn our choreography, that I learn that the music is part of an entirely different, and much larger puzzle that creates the Medora Musical. As our fearless and fabulous choreographer, Bo, begins to teach us our dance numbers, my head starts to swim.

I feel overwhelmed and a beat behind and I try to will my body and brain to work simultaneously.

It takes every bit of concentration I have left to remember the steps, counts, formations, then put it all together. I feel overwhelmed and a beat behind and I try to will my body and brain to work simultaneously. Taking deep breaths, I do my best to keep moving and ingrain the choreography into my muscles.

Throughout the day, I begin to pick up on new lingo! Whenever we are given a five minute break, we respond with a “Thank you, five” or when Bo says, “Command Save” it means “Do not forget this!”


Just how much is there to “command save” for the Burning Hills Singers? Take a peek for yourself. 


Once we are dismissed at 5:00, the cast heads back to the hotel for dinner and then we quickly retire to our rooms for the evening. I can not believe how physically and mentally exhausted I am!

I lay down in my bed as my feet throb and my head feeling as if it is about to burst. But underneath it all, I feel exhilarated! I’ve done it! Not only have I survived my first day of adulthood. Not only have I conquered my first day of rehearsal. Not only have I pushed myself beyond what I once thought were my physical and mental boundaries. But I have taken the first step on the journey of a lifetime, and I can not imagine being anywhere but where I am at this very moment.

I fall asleep that night with a smile on my face as I dream of what adventures tomorrow has in store.




delanieAbout the Author:

Delanie grew up in Hazen, North Dakota. She attended Governors school for the Performing Arts, played the role of Eponine in Sleepy Hollow Theatre’s production of Les Miserables and will be attending MSU Mankato as a Musical Theatre major in the fall. 





  1. Suzanne McCormac
    July 23, 2014    

    It’s an adventure reading about what’s involved backstage, and even getting there in the first place! Keep up the posts!

  2. Coralee
    July 24, 2014    

    Modest, lovely read. Hope your summer has been beyond your dreams.

  3. Jana Hill
    July 24, 2014    

    This is a great blog post, Delanie! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us. I hope the season is going great!

  4. Heidi Holguin
    July 24, 2014    

    Thanks for sharing your experience! What an amazing opportunity to share your talents (Singing, dancing AND writing!)Wishing you continued success!

  5. July 24, 2014    

    Great story of the beginning of a wonderful career/journey! keep up the great work! The show is amazing! And all of you are so talented! FUN!


  6. Leilani Smith
    July 24, 2014    

    Wow! That sounds like an amazing day! It must’ve taken a lot of courage to face that first rehearsal. Looks as though you have the talent and determination to conquer anything though! Can’t wait to see what you do! Go get ’em Delanie!

  7. Papa
    July 24, 2014    

    You’re doing it girl ! What you love to do. Hard work always pays off.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Love – Papa

  8. Kaye Vukasovich
    July 27, 2014    

    Great blog. Quit a first day. All of your hard work and perseverance is paying off. So proud of you. Enjoy every moment.

    Love you lots,