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Like Teddy’s original Rough Riders, Annual Members move the line forward each year to make Medora better for current and future generations. 


The TRMF Annual Member program began a few years ago to bring our frequent visitors and best friends into a group that met once a year at the annual Rough Riders Roundup, talk about the future of Medora, and help support the day-to-day activities necessary to provide all our guests a great getaway experience.



My, how it’s grown! Now, 800-strong, our Annual Members add value to Medora in so many ways:

  • Fix the boardwalks
  • Paint historic buildings
  • Help feed the show horses
  • Buy new flags
  • Put new costumes on our wonderful Burning Hills Singers
  • Buy vests for our 600 volunteers
  • Help mow the grass, plant the flowers and do the hundreds of little things that MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

And, our Annual Members support the Medora Foundation’s mission: 

  • “To connect people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences.”


As a Medora Foundation Member, you’ll be recognized in the Medora Musical program booklet, and in our annual Development Report, and receive an exclusive invitation to
attend our “members only” events in Medora or abroad.




You can become a Medora Rough Rider today!

Business Memberships

Business Memberships begin at $1,000, and includes awesome perks!

  • Up to 8 Transferable Season Passes to the Medora Musical for your employees or customers.
    • You could potentially send hundreds of people to the show!
  • Four FREE rounds of golf at Bully Pulpit and more.
  • Plus, we recognize all of our Business Members who buy early in our Medora Musical Program.

Become an Annual Business Member at and help us to do work for our children, and children’s children.


Personal Memberships

Personal Members can enjoy great perks!

  • Tickets for the Medora Musical and other special events in Medora go on sale a week earlier for Annual Members than for the general public.
  • Medora Musical gates open 15 minutes early every night for Annual Members, so you can enjoy a snack and avoid the long lines.

You can join online, by going to our website, member, or take advantage of our great new option for new or younger members by selecting a monthly automatic payment to spread the cost over a whole year.


Annual Member Perks! Recieve exclusive newsletters, purchase tickets for shows ahead of time and attend exclusive member events like the Rough Rider Roundup!


Questions about becoming a Business or Personal Annual Member?

We’d love to hear from you. If you have questions just give us a call to chat or set up a meeting. We are never pushy and, hey, and would love to fill you in on some of the exciting new things happening in Medora this year.

Contact Justin Fisk or Joslyn Reichert:

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