An interview with Theodore’s Executive Chef Aaron Bank

A journey to Medora is commonplace. For most, it’s a nice vacation. For others, it’s a homecoming. Aaron bank falls into the latter. The Bismarck native is coming back to spend his third year in Medora, although in a different capacity than in previous years. This year Aaron will be the Executive Chef at Theodore’s Restaurant, located inside the Rough Riders Hotel. Read on for the full interview.

So Aaron, what’s it like to be back in Medora? I’m excited to be back! I love what we did with this year’s menu and my staff is totally focused on making the Theodore’s dining experience a memorable one.

What can we expect from this year’s menu? Well I just spent this past winter down in Florida so…What does that mean for the guests? While, patrons of Theodore’s will notice a subtle southern flare to the food. I’m happy to bring some southern comfort food to North Dakota; no one’s really doing it so I thought it’d be great to try.

What’s the one dish to try at Theodore’s? The Grilled Chicken Breast in Alabama White BBA Sauce, with Asparagus, and ham and Gruyere Corn Bread Pudding is a dish I’m especially proud of. It takes a lot to do something with chicken, so I’m really happy with the way these flavors work together.

How did you get into cooking? Cooking is a passion I inherited from my parents. Family vacations always revolved around where we were going to eat, rather than what attraction we wanted to see. I just feel fortunate to turn that into my career.

Interesting, did you ever feel forced into the profession? I never felt pressured into this profession. My sisters knew they didn’t want anything to do with food and they haven’t. I guess I just always had that desire.

 It was that passion that led you to culinary school in West Palm Beach Florida. What did you learn there?

I really learned how an amazing meal can create special moments in time for people. Understanding how people view their dining experiences really motivates me to try my best.

Maybe a reader has never been to Theodore’s, why should they come?

I hear many people say they are quite amazed to see a restaurant of this caliber of food, service and ambiance in a place like Medora.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me Aaron. You’re welcome!


Aaron serving one of his delicious meals!