A note from Harold Schafer from 1988 as TRMF was founded:

“We are moving, oh so slowly, but carefully, into the responsibilities of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.  It is a learning process for all of us.

On the surface, operations in Medora for the traveling public don’t appear different than they did when Medora was operated by Gold Seal Company.  However, behind the scene, legal and accounting professionals are cautiously guiding us though the transition.

Years of patience exhibited by the maintenance crew has been rewarded.  Their new shop is alleviating main street congestion and increasing their productivity.

I’m personally excited by the 1988 version of the Medora Musical.  The enthusiasm and talents of the cast, the patriotic feel and ‘Bully Spirit’ of Theodore Roosevelt inspire all of us.

My obligation today is to see that Medora’s greatness can be carried on after my lifetime, that its’ future can be even better than the past.”

Harold Schafer, 1988

Rough Rider Review Newsletter

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