A Love Story: Medora and You.

Medora’s a special place. With all the love and giving that goes into everything we do here this comes as no surprise. Now people are always giving, whether it be money or time, but what really got Modern-Day Medora to this point, what got it off the ground, was love and a vision. Here’s how…

First, did you know that the Medora Musical and many other of your Medora favorites are produced and operated by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation – a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization?

It all started when our founder Harold Schafer, a self-made millionaire businessman and philanthropist, channeled his love for Medora into a massive rebuilding project  in 1962.

That love eventually led to the creation of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation in 1986 – which strives to provide you with an experience that blends family fun, beauty and history into one magical package. Harold started the giving, while you, me and everybody else have been recipients.  This is the quick version of how Medora as we know it today was formed.

Now guests always say to us “We love Medora, how does it keep getting better and better?” While, one way we continue to create opportunities for your enchantment and learning is by way of people who decided, much like Harold Schafer did, to give back to Medora by way of becoming apart of our Annual Membership.

Annual Memberships are just $250 and can come with a variety of benefits such as, season passes to the Medora Musical or free rounds at Bully Pulpit Golf Course.

For us and for you, Annual Memberships provide the resources to do everything from fixing the boardwalks and painting the buildings, to buying feed for the horses and putting new costumes on Medora’s wonderful Burning Hills Singers.

Without the support of our Annual Members, much of what we love about Medora could not be. If you would like to become a member Just click here to learn more and join. From me to you, we here at the Foundation say “thanks.” We can’t wait to see you out here!


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