13 Things You Never Knew About the Greatest Show in the West!

1. The rows in the Burning Hills Ampitheatre are designated by letter.  There are no rows lettered “I” or “O” in order to avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero.


2. Medora’s original stage production “Old Four-Eyes” ran from 1958 to 1963.

3. The Burning Hills Ampitheatre is considered the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation’s first major project.

4. There are close to 250 stage lights in the Ampitheatre.

5. The original performing area was not a normal stage, but several small scenic sets, each lighted separately as the action moved on.

6. The Burning Hills Ampitheatre was constructed in Burning Gulch, as locals referred to the draw. Construction began in 1958.

Gold Seal Amphitheatre7. A live band onstage was first introduced in 2000.  Prior to that, the musicians were hidden in the train depot.

8. The ampitheatre was originally named The Burning Hills Ampitheatre. In 1966 the name was changed to The Gold Seal Ampitheatre and that name remained until 1987, when it was changed back to the original.

9. The Burning Hills Singers were originally named “The Medora Kids.”

10. Over a dozen horses are harnessed each night to appear in the show.  Several of them are used only to pull buggies and wagons and the balance are saddled and ridden during the performance. During the course of each season the horses begin to anticipate their entrances.  In order to preserve safety, the horses are continually switched out so that their riders are able to stay in control.

11. Over the years, Theodore Roosevelt’s brands and Medora Musical logos have been incorporated  into the costumes used in the musical.  Maybe you’ve seen a few without even realizing it! Can you find the famous brand that is hiding in the photo to the left?010

12. The surface used for the stage of the Burning Hills Ampitheatre is intended as a pickup bed liner and is sprayed on.

13. The Medora Musical plays every night each Summer in Medora. This comes out to be around 95 shows in a row! Will you be visiting us this summer?


To find out more about  The Greatest Show in the West, the Medora Musical, click here!


  1. Caroline
    June 17, 2013    

    Fun facts! I believe that is the Maltese Cross brand that is referred to in #11?

  2. Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
    June 18, 2013    

    Yes it is! Great Job Caroline!

  3. Darwin and Alice Vangsness
    June 23, 2013    

    Looking forward to staying at the RoughRider Hotel and attending the Musical….to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, June 23rd.

  4. Colene
    August 5, 2013    

    I have been coming to the Medora musical for approximately 40 years. The musicians this year were the best I have heard here. One question we have is, does the Gold Diggers band change musicians like like the Burning Hills singers?

  5. Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
    August 6, 2013    

    Hi Colene! Thank you so much for the kind comment. Yes, the band, the Coal Diggers, do audition every year just like the Burning Hills Singers!

  6. Kimberly
    August 12, 2013    

    My husband and I are thinking about going to the musical for our anniversary on 8/31 and while I hope the weather stays good; what if it rains? Are we allowed to bring umbrellas or will the show be cancelled?

  7. Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
    August 15, 2013    

    Hi Kimberly! What a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary. We have a great rain policy, if you do get rained out, you will get two tickets back for every one that you purchased. You can bring your umbrellas, but if the stage gets too wet, it gets to be a hazard for the performers, so they unfortunately have to call the show. It has been a beautiful summer though, so we will just look forward to a gorgeous evening on the 31st!

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