10 things you didn’t know about Wild West Prestidigitation, Bill Sorensen.

You’ve seen him on stage of the Medora Musical the past two years, as the wise-cracking co-host with Emily Walter. His past has been shrouded in magic and mystery, but we’re here to shed some light on Medora’s famous magician.

Bill Sorensen headshot

10. Bill has worked in Medora for roughly 31 years.

9. He is in his second year as co-host of the Medora Musical with the “Queen of the West”, Emily Walter.

8. He served for 12 years as the Mayor of Bismarck.

7. He served two terms as a State Legislator and two terms as a Bismarck City Commissioner

6. Bill co-founded Extended America with Admiral Bill Owens, and former North Dakota Governor, Ed Schafer. Eventually they sold the company to Sprint.

5. Bill managed 3-time world champion boxer, Virgil Hill.

4. The Dakota Wizards were  founded by Sorensen. The Wizards began as a team in the IBA, a league co-founded by Sorensen, and then moved up into the CBA, until making it to the NBA Development League.

3. Bill’s love of magic has given him the opportunity to perform at Magic conventions across the country. He’s always ready to preform a trick or two!

Bill Sorensen 2013

 2. Bill has also been a speaker/entertainer at over two thousand corporate events in America and internationally.

1. He has a daughter named Medora.

As you can see, Bill has done so much is his life. When asked to reflect on his time in Medora he said, “We have had the opportunity to watch our daughters grow up in this special place. We didn’t expect to be doing it this long nor did we anticipate the overwhelming support that we have received from hundreds of thousands of Medora visitors.”

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  1. Janet Wieser
    August 27, 2015    

    Bill…your performance as co-host at the Musical are so wonderful, so entertaining. You keep me “rolling in the aisle”!!!! I love to listen to how you “go on and on!” You are certainly a wondeful addition to the Musical and I hope you continue for a long time!

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